Posted: November 7th, 2022

"And The Band Played On" Assignment

 View the video or read the book, And, The Band Played On. Respond to the following essay questions.  

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"And The Band Played On" Assignment
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1.  Based on what you observed in the film or read in the book; clearly articulate at least three of the sociopolitical factors that influenced public health policy development for HIV/AIDS prevention and control in the United States. Briefly discuss each of the three sociopolitical factors. 

2.  How were early victims and contacts identified and located? How is this the same, or different in 2017?

3.  Select an epidemiological model. (Module 3). Apply the events in the video/book to components of the epidemiological model. 

4. What was your overall reaction after viewing this film/book with respect to the impact on the health care system in the United States?

5. Compare the historical perspective of the emergence of HIV with the current HIV situation in the US. 

 No cover page needed; References Required. 

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