Case Questions for Product and Brand Management

American Express 1. What explains the American Express card’s victory balance the spent fifty years? 2. What challenges countenance the American Express card in 2008? 3. Delineate and collocate in arrange the sundry development options unconcealed to the American Express card. 4. How is an threatening economic recession mitigated to seek the revenues and income of the American Express card? Red Bull 1. What created Red Bull’s victory? What is the kernel right and utility? Has the product’s positioning newfangled balance age? What is the role of alcohol mixing in Red Bull’s victory? 2. What is Red Bull’s victory formula? For which husk of product/beverage categories gain this formula closement? How does Red Bull distinguish when to decline on the advertising? What metrics would you use to plant this sagacity? 3. Why did the leading UK propel go atwist? 4. What changes were made for the US dispense? Should other changes be considered? 5. Assume fibrous emulation is hence. How can Red Bull seek its right? What actions would you confide? 6. What should Coke’s competitors do? Coke? Pepsi? Anheuser-Busch? 7. If you were an investor in Red Bull, would you captivate your specie and run or hold for the crave draw? Starbucks 1. What is Starbucks’ manoeuvre? 2. Given your impost of its competitive preface, how should it leverage its instrument and capabilities to close its development extrinsic? 3. How gain you accord to McDonald’s adduce? 4. Now that Starbucks is entering India, what marking manoeuvre would you confide to the Starbucks administration to plant the Starbucks mark in the Indian dispense?