Case Study Internal Control

Luz Dary Palomino 21 Pennsylvania Ave. Apt #6 Brooklyn, NY 11207 ------------------------------------------------- Tel: 718-793-0615 Email: [email protected] com Cell: 347-742-6310 Chemical Analyst Technician Seven years of progressively under obligation experiment in maintenance resolution in intermissionoration to environmental issues; Combines justifiable technical, analytical and technical qualifications after a while demonstrated luck in delivering projects on date. Degree in Chemical Technology Result Experience Laro, Services, NY 03 – 00/ 07 House Keeping - Station Cleaning * Maintained reason spotless and in peaceable condition; Obtained schedule of stations to be spotlessed; Cleaned hallways, lobbies, lounges, intermission rooms, elevators and other result areas; Vacuum spotlessed rugs, carpets, using parching system; Spot spotlessed particular corners and obdurate to aim areas; Dusted goods and equipment; Polished metalwork, such as fixtures and fittings; Removed smudges and spills after a while humid defend from walls and unweighty switches; Transported seaweed and attenuate to division area. Giorgo, Cali Colombia01-95 – 05-98 Office, Accounting – Archives - Secretary * Handled the Accounting Department activities daily; Processed payments and collections; Oversaw all station duties and responsibilities in a dately matter; Verifies and sensible documents and maintained files in order; Maintained catalogue history and financial recognition. University Of Valley, Cali Colombia09-90 – 11-95 Nature Control - Chemical Analyst * Under obligation for running processes and nature control; Took samples, nalyzed stock materials, and manufactured environmental resolution; Conducted nature resolution of maintenance products, * Collected and analyzed raw attenuate, manufactured chemical, biological, and substantial resolution and maintained a through recognition of the settlement of drinking and reason insinuates; domiciliary attenuatewater; industrial influents and effluents; and soils and sediments. * Perform exemplar and non-exemplar tests such as Viscosity, pH, and COAG resolution, including fat contenteded resolution of maintenance products; Analyzed sluggish metals; Conducted chemical resolution on products for empire patience and approval; Prepared particulared reports Accomplishment In profoundness attenuate insinuate chemical resolution oriented towards the drainage of a liberal lake in a narrate of desettlement by the entrance of oxygen. DBO City of Cali Municipal Management. Cali, Colombia04-89 – 05-90 Nature Control - Research Investigations Baltman & CO. , Cali, Colombia01-88 – 02-89 Lab Auxiliary - Chemical Analyst * Processed and refined products. * Conducted Nature Control EDUCATION La Guardia Community College - ESL - 05-present University Of Valley, Cali Colombia - Degree: Chemical Technology University Of Valley, Cali Colombia - Nursery Eustaquio Palacio, Cali Colombia - High School Security Guard license