Survey finds internal audit risk assessments inconsistent Year: August, 2007 The report suggests that internal auditing needs to identify areas of high and moderate risk that are part of the internal audit plan but have been deferred or cancelled because of the organization’s focus on Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404. It recommends that chief audit executives (CAEs) […]

When oil was discovered in 1950s in the UAE, an economic system which was to a great extent dependent on fishing and worsening pearling industry, the state has undergone drastic transmutation owing to the socio-economic alterations taking topographic point. The chief export of the state is of oil and gas. Today, UAE ranks 8th in […]

Internal auditing

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Which of the following would be least likely to be regarded as a test of control? Tests of the additions to property by physical inspection Tests of the signatures on cancelled checks to the authorized check signer list Test of signatures on purchase orders Recalculation of payroll deductions Which of the following is least likely […]

Case 8-13 Mohamed Salem El-Hadad, Internal Auditor 1. Identify and briefly describe the legal protections that “whistleblowers” have in the United States. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Section 806: Whistleblower Protection “SEC. 806. PROTECTION FOR EMPLOYEES OF PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES WHO PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD. ” “Sec. 1514A. Civil action to protect against retaliation in fraud cases (a) […]

There are many taxpayer supported medical schools in this country, most receiving their fees for services through Medicare and Medicaid. The Department of Health and Human Services requires that medical students who have graduated to the resident status have a teaching physician physically present when performing key portions of patient service to be able to […]