Can someone help putting my persuasive paper together on families seperated by…

Can someone help putting my persuasive paper together on families seperated by immigration ? look it over and tell me what you think see attachements.

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Can someone help putting my persuasive paper together on families seperated by…
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Assignment: Introduction and Conclusion
Families separated by Immigration
Families shouldn’t be separated by Immigration. The separation of families is making parents and children live in fear because they are not sure when they leave their homes in the morning if they will see each other again. They need to start setting up plans if that were to happen if their children could stay with a loved one otherwise what’s going to happen the ones that are being left behind. Many immigrants are forced to leave the country leaving their families behind. Many are head of the household that their children depend on for money.
Families are given false legal advice leading to family separations. Immigrants seek legal advise with people that are not immigration lawyers and end up deported. Families are willing to do just about anything in there power to become legal and not knowing that there are being fooled are taken advantaged of. Immigrants need to get wiser and open their eyes and be careful whom they trust with their documents. There is always somebody trying to take advantage of the weaker and poor.
Families that come from another country are separated from their families. Families come to the place of opportunities looking for the American dream. Families that are looking for a better future come illegally to the United States for one purpose a better opportunity to work and to have something more than they had in there place of origin. They don’t want nothing given to them. They don’t come for charity they come to prosper and not to be a burden to society. Immigrants come from countries where they have to work hard to be somebody in life. They know about work since they are seven years old. They know about poverty, when there is no food on the table to eat. Education doesn’t play a role in their lives if they have to work instead of getting an education. That’s why the only hope for them to be able to change their future is to come to the United States to work and…

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