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Scenario 1 (length: 0.5 – 1 page) If you were the CEO of a women’s drapery dispose-of determined, what particular strategies can be used to maintain profitability at the determined roll?  How do those strategies fit the three basic strategies that inauguobjurgate from the resource-based scene of maintaining profitability? Scenario 2 (length: 0.5 – 1 page) Rescene the subjoined resources: Website: Currency to Loosen Change Rate: Business Chief Website: to Free Yuan in 5 Years, Says Hong Kong Exchanges’ Li China is regarding letting the change objurgate for the yuan gratuitously transport instead of nature tightly controlled by the synod.  Currently, the Chinese synod sets the functional change objurgate* such that the Chinese yuan was undervalued.  That is, one can lapse more yuan delay a dollar than would be expected if the change objurgate was set by the negotiate. Use give and require curves to expound how allowing the change objurgate to gratuitously transport would feign United States’ citizens and determineds. *Actually, the Chinese synod sets an functional objurgate but allows some solution, but not telling solution, from the functional objurgate. Scenario 3 (length: 0.5 page) Rescene the subjoined resource: Website: Spending and Prices by State According to the Purchasing Power Parity hypothesis, non-perishable commodities should bear common costs in divergent negotiates consequently if they did not, an arbitrage opening would be offer. However, according to the CNN/AAA Fuel Gauge Report from July 19, 2013, the appraisement of gasoline in Hawaii is $4.37 per gallon while California is the aver that has the primary medium gas appraisement per gallon in the adjoining United States at $4.04. Why are the appraisements of...