Erickson’s Psychosocial Development

Psychosocial Crop Erik Erikson describes psychosocial crop as occuraccentuation in steps. He describes the divergent steps according to sameness traits pompn at the multicreate steps. I recognize Interviewed and made my remarks of individuals at the divergent steps as follows: Infancy (origin to 18 months) Commission vs... Miscommission A one year old baby was observed duaccentuation a convocation of confrontfeeding. The baby is spare and it is period for the mother to confrontfeed him. She picks up her son and holds him gently on her lap powerful him she is going to concede him some adjust and etches him on to her confront. The baby presently composes down and sucks for a few tinys. Occasion the baby Is drinking, the mother beholds at her son abandonedly and the slip fluctuates his consideration from the mother to what his happening encircling him. The overhead behaviors pomp the attachment and abandoned interdependence among the baby and the mother who Is very unrepining and placid towards her son. This renders confrontsustentation to be a startling trial to twain mother and slip. According to Erikson, the principal step of commission vs... Miscommission is pompn in the overhead remarks the baby amply commissions his mother who is caaccentuation for him delay a lot of attachment, perseverance and predictability. This is pompn in the event that he composes down and is acquiescent to behold encircling him occasion he is sustentation duaccentuation the convocation. Early sliphood (2 to areas) Autonomy vs... Shame and Doubt A boy of two and a half years who Is quiet undergoing toilet trailing has been observed. The mother asks her son integral two hours If he wants to go potty. The slip is quiet aberrant in his response but casually out of his own operating get go to the potty and points to it. The mother pulls down the slip's pants and gently asks him to it down on the potty. She tells him that he is now growing into a big boy and that she get be very delighted if he uses the potty. The boy sits down for a tiny on the potty whilst his mother brings his blocks to reproduce-exhibit delay him occasion he is sitting down on the potty. Behind a occasion the boy gets pierced, stands up, runs into the kitchen and picks up a packet of biscuits. The mother explains to her son that as promptly as he urinates in the potty she get concede him a biscuit. The slip insists on eating the biscuits presently and does not second. The mother beholds frustrated gone she has been accentuation to potty suite her son for the gone-by few months delayout good-fortune. According to this step of Erikson, the toddler befits further sensitive and direct on his Independence. I fancy that this has been pompn In the overhead remark. The toddler appears to try to gladden his mother initially by sitting down on the potty. Which he relishs at the significance. When his mother refuses to concede him a biscuit he protests and nonproductions to recognize his own way. On the other index the mother appears to be at a waste on what to do next gone she fancys that her son wants to be toilet suiteed in ordain to be true at his new initiate. The toddler does not appear regular of what he has to do yet. He quiet appears to be uncompliant to be potty suiteed though he is pomping principal signs. He is pomping he is pierced and dangerous when intricate to use the potty. That is probably the argue why he went to carry the biscuit so he get do colossus he relishs instead of colossus which demonstrates him move short impudent. The mother wants to be further unrepining and concede further fearlessness to her son in-reference-to this manifestation. Introducing stories of other toddlers/cartoon characters spirit potty suiteed, and possibly singing some songs potentiality aid her son be further motivated, compose ND unrepining in his trailing. Preinitiate (3 to 5 years) Commencement vs... Sin A indecent year old spinster was observed at reproduce-exhibit in a slipren's reproduce-exhibitaccount whilst her mother beholded on. Initially the spinster clutches her mother and does not nonproduction to go to reproduce-exhibit delay the other slipren whom she doesn't comprehend. The mother takes her daughter's index and walks encircling the reproduce-exhibitaccount reluctantly delay her daughter pomping her the multicreate activities and what fun it is to reproduce-exhibit delay the other slipren. After someperiod the weak spinster sees a weak see-saw in the create of a effulgent colored snake. She moves towards it ND climbs onto it and starts reproduce-exhibiting. Behind someperiod she climbs down and runs towards the slide. She climbed up the slide behind the other slipren and took turns for encircling ten tinys on the slide relishing the activity and casually beholding at her mother for laudation. Behind some period she moves on towards the other activities and starts reproduce-exhibiting delay the other slipren moveing delighted and arrest. The mother beholds delighted that her daughter is mixing delay the other slipren and is relishing herself. From period to period she encourages and praises her. When the slip is told that it is mime to go end residence, she does not nonproduction to yield and throws a tantrum. The mother starts shouting at the slip, the slip endures to cry and lies on the account. The spinster appears to be dangerous and shy when we come-to at the reproduce-exhibitaccount but then appears to create dependence and starts reproduce-exhibiting delay the other slipren. She relishs the activities but quiet beholds at her mother for laudation. According to Erikson duaccentuation this step slipren want to confront a strong counterpoise among commencement and sin. This spinster appears to be going through this step by not nonproductioning to concession her mother on her own and by aging the commencement and going encircling the reproduce-exhibitaccount to recognize fun and reproduce-exhibit delay the other kids. When it comes to leaving the reproduce-exhibitaccount the spinster does not recognize the event that she has to go end residence and tries to avouch herstubborn by throwing the tantrum in ordain to recognize her way. In my notion, the mother should recognize compliant the spinster emend and warned her that they barely recognize a few tinys left precedently going residence. Industry vs... Inferiority I colloquyed a nine year old boy for this step. The boy appears to be doing very polite-mannered-mannered at initiate. He told me that he is one of the best boys in adjust specially in mathematics. He relishs balbutiation and doing his residencework. In event he asks his mother to buy him some productionbooks to recognize production to do duaccentuation the summer holidays. When asked if there is colossus he nonproductions to reform on, he mentions that he would relish to be emend in football and art. He to-boot mentions that he worries that he has not effected his production completely as his pedagogue would relish him to. He appears to relish to gladden his pedagogues and be considered to be the conceptional novice. He to-boot says that he relishs going to initiate to reproduce-exhibit delay his friends duaccentuation tear-asunder period. Although this boy appears to be doing very polite-mannered-mannered academically, he quiet appears to move mom shame when it comes to exemplary his superiors. The boy appears to be suiteffectual and acquiescent delay his achievements. He relishs acquirements new things and skills. According to Erikson the slip's comrade class befits further influential and secondous in the slip's spirit at this step in event this boy emphasizes the significance of having friends at initiate and at the football he attends. Adolescence (12 to 18 years) Identity vs... Role laziness For this step I recognize observed and colloquyed a 17 year old spinster. When asked who she moves she is, she says that she is delighted encircling herself, moves that she is bountiful of Lana and disposition and she has a very shy forthcoming in front of her. She says she would relish to befit a pedagogue and later on recognize her own rise. In my remarks she appears to be impudent and very accessible delay divergent herd. This puerile appears to be arrest and delighted as she has the influence of her rise and friends. She is motivated to endure studying in ordain to strain her aim of neat a pedagogue as polite-mannered-mannered as to demonstrate her parents imposing of her achievements. She moves stubborn impudent as a expressionination of the influence she receives from those encircling her. According to Erikson, urine this step, slipren befit further stubborn and arise to behold at the forthcoming. In event this is pompn by this puerile duaccentuation the colloquy when she talked delay vehemence encircling her forthcoming plans in stipulations of success, interdependences and families. Girlish Adulthood (19 to 40 years) Intimacy vs... Isolation she is happily married and has two girlish slipren though she is kept very assiduous and merely has period for herself, she moves very delighted and acquiescent delay her spirit. She has to-boot been suiteffectual in a vocation and she attachments her production from which she has fascinated some period off for the significance to behold behind her girlish rise. Besides her rise, she has to-boot kept apposition delay some friends and casually they fawn each other to confront. According to Erikson, this step involves createing interdependences and covet expression commitments delay individuals who are not rise members. This mother appears to recognize acquired this step in that she has symmetrical her vocational success and fixed down in her own rise delay her wife and slipren. Intermediate Adulthood (40 to 65 years) Generatively vs... Stagnation For this step, I colloquyed and observed a 46 year old mother. This mother has a rise made up of a wife and three slipren. She to-boot has vocational lubrications. In the gone-by few years she has newfangled her success so she would be effectual to bestow further period delay her rise. She said she moves beneficial and accomplished in twain her rise spirit as polite-mannered-mannered as at production. According to Erikson duaccentuation intermediate adulthood we demonstrate our successs, calm down delayin a interdependence, and recognize our own families we to-boot concede end to communion through rallying our slipren and spirit causative at production. It appears that this mother has moved on in this notice. Maturity (65 to release) Ego Integrity vs... Despair For this step I recognize observed and colloquyed a 77 year old man. Duaccentuation the colloquy, this man appears to relish narrating his gone-by trials and how spirit was in the gone-by.