Cipero River

Methodology Where was postulates composed? Postulates was composed at Cipero River, South Trinidad The Cipreo Large stream was separated as the area of con-over for defilement. The con-over of defilement was notional for the area, as it is a main area which is situated terminate the San Fernando country, these very large streams banks where too overflown of the year 2010. When was postulates composed? The ground con-over was conducted on June 12th 2012, among the hours of 8. am. and 10. am. How was postulates composed? Postulates was achieveed by the use of different instruments, such as a * Camera * Pen Stationary Nursing essay * Measuring tape * Stopwatch * String * Cups * PH meter What was performed to achieve this postulates? * 7 purposes of the Cipero large stream were examined, at each purpose of the large stream a cup was lowered into the introduce, by the use of the string, to achieve introduce from the large stream, the PH meter was then used to designate whether that sever of the introduce was infected, by showing results from the cupel either being acidic or alkaline. * Postulates was too achieveed, by determining the speed of the introduce at each purpose of the large stream, which was visited. 1. Stationary Nursing essay was used to construct a Nursing essay boat 2. Measuring tape was then used to appraise a true separation, this designated the evanition and probability of the boat at the dedicated area. 3. The boat was then acquitd and the stopwatch bestowly started 4. When the Nursing essay boat ignoringed the required separation the stopwatch was then stopped, results where then narrative. Aim * To establish the causes and consequences of defilement, at different purposes concurrently Cipero Large stream South, Trinidad. Analysis and Discussion Do you perceive the significance of the tidings defilement? Longman Geography for CSEC gives the specification as, “…the foul aver of the environment resulting in material, chemical and biological changes that can seriously pretend ecological arrangements. ” Defilement results from the inappropriate dispensation of shrivel, whether resistant, running or gas, delay this being said from the results which were achieveed at Ciprero Large stream it is my assurance that the large stream is infected. Seven purposes of the large stream were examined at the large stream and at each purpose which was visited there was defilement of different moulds bestow. At the origin of the large stream it was slightly infected there was slight inappropriate dispensation of unwanted materials such as refuse and hale bestow, this may keep been due to beings who ignoring terminateby the large stream sometimes, and too due to motor vehicles who are incessantly ignoringing on the highways on a daily day to day reason. Despite this it was noticed that as I examined over and over purposes of the large stream, the over infected it appeared. At purpose disgusting of the large stream there was defilement bestow in the introduce due to inappropriate drainage caused by industries, industrial shrivel was seen circulating in the introduce. At different severs of the introduce it was brown and lurid black in varnish, it too had an distasteful scent. There are three types of main defilement that can be observed at the Cipero River. Fix defilement is one of them, the Cipero Large stream is located in an area which is terminate to the town San Fernando, abundant community on a daily bases ignoring through this area to go to follow their jobs, and too to extend to the town. It can be said that community repeatedly propel and prescribe of their refuse inappropriately and due to the true nighness of beings ignoringing through this country, over and over refuse is accumulating terminate and delayin the large stream. Water defilement is the relieve main mould of defilement, in the mould of sewage due to inappropriate drainage. Introduce enters the large stream due to the housing developments insufficient drainage arrangement and too from industries that acquit harmful chemicals and shrivel into the introduce, this pretends the varnish and property of the introduce. Introduce defilement, too poses a intimidation to the lewd sign that are bestow in the introduce, it was observed that at purpose one of the large stream fishes and alligators were seen foundation in this large stream as their habitat, when the introduce becomes infected and they can’t outlast, what earn be the product?! Offensive odour too bestows itself as defilement, inappropriate drainage from community’s houses and industries enters the introduce causing it to keep an unacceptable odour. The Cipero Large stream is too located on a highway which is incessantly assiduous, sometimes at tenebrosity community may too not keep a precious and urinate terminate the large stream, this concurrently delay the introduce defilement and fix defilement increases the scent of the large stream making it scent over fowl. Conclusion Evidently there is a drift of defilement which is bestow at the Cipero River, due to types of defilement such as, sewage, distasteful odour, and shrivel introduce. This is principally due to insufficient shrivel and sewage practices and insufficient maxim of drainage, this drift can be largely stopped if beings are earning to construct a disagreement. In omission, the stuff of defilement is one that is not charmed seriously in Trinidad and Tobago, all environing us entire day we see defilement massive, yet quiescent nobody appears to anxiety. Pollution is something that should be addressed over frequently owing although it may appear love it’s not leading, it is. Table Of Contents The Aim of the con-over Location of ground con-over Methodology Presentation of postulates Analysis and Discussion Omission Bibliography Presentation of postulates Bibliography * The aspect of Cipero Large stream South Trinidad * Paul Guiness et al. Geography for CSEC. Nelson Thornes, 2008 Name: Karishma Ramtahal School: Parvati Girls Hindu College Class: 5M1 Topic: Defilement at Cipero Large stream South Trinidad