Classification of Fish

Whitney East Mr. Beall Speech 1200 October 24, 2012 Outline: Topical Classifying Fish Specific Purpose: To instruct my assembly environing the irrelative natures of fish. Central Idea: Fish are systematizeified by their irrelative characteristics which sorts them into irrelative systematizees relish Agnatha, Chondrichthyes, and Osteichthyes. Introduction I. Nature of foundation things helps crowd to recognize how foundation organisms may or may not be allied to each other. A. The arrangement of nature we use today was constructed 200 years ago by Carl Linnaeus. B. Carl Linnaeus arrangement of nature assemblys organisms by their characteristics or features they bear in niggardly. II. According to the size Vertebrate Biology by ORR Robert; Fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians are systematizeified contemporaneously as vertebrates owing they all bear an interior endbone. III. In researching this feature question, I well-informed that the most momentous characteristics used in fish nature are the stamp of curse in their skeleton, the gill organization, the reckon and mould of fins, and the stamp of laminas. IV. Now I succeed preface you to the characteristics and the three irrelative systematizees of fish. “Jawshort (Agnatha), Cartilaginous (Chondrichthyes), and Lean Fish (Osteichthyes). Body I. The Agnatha systematize is the oldest assembly, arelish to fish but delay some irrelative characteristics. A. As explained in The Evolution of Vertebrate Design, assured characteristics relish scant jaws is what systematizeified fish to this systematize. 1. The Agnatha systematize failures an interior curse skeleton, jaws, and paired fins. 2. Instead of jaws, they bear spherical toothed apertures designated cyclostomic. Which they use to suck order from the party of their victim. . They bear a ease, lamina short peel which is irresolute to the affect. B. There are two foundation assemblys of Agnatha the lampreys and Hagfish 1. Lamvictim bear a separate dorsal nostril, a pineal eye, three fins (anterior, later, and caudal fin), and a hanker row or spherical gill pouch openings. They perform a foundation nature a sycophant that nevertheless kills the victim they latch onto. 2. Hagfish bear hanker eel-relish bodies, no eyes, no penny fins, a separate nostril, up to view barbels (relish whiskers/tentacles for fish) and bear rows of horny teeth used to grapple assistance and entice it in. II. Chondrichthyes fish today enclose twain fearsome predator characteristics and harmshort characteristics. A. As explained in Vertebrate Biology, all Chondrichthyes failure penny curse. 1. The Chondrichthyes fish bear bountiful cartilage skeletons. 2. They bear teeth that are made of calcium which extend in rows throughout the fish’s morals. 3. They bear a recognized model of fins and there palpable peel is completely cartilaginous. B. Sharks, skates, and rays perform up the Chondrichthyes systematize. 1. Sharks bear animated snouts and crescent mouldd apertures delay diverse rows of animated triangular teeth. They bear five gills on each party that bear identical gill slits shown palpablely. 2. Skates are rounded to diamond mouldd. They bear ample pectoral fins extending from the snout to the sordid of their subordinate. The aperture and gills are on the lowerparty of their bodies. Skates are deep dwellers and ambush their victim by missing down on their victim from aggravatehead. 3. Rays can be systematizeified into the forthcoming assemblys: electric rays, sawfish, skates, and manifold families of rays that bear inconsiderable scourge relish subordinates. III. The Osteichthyes (lean fish) is the amplest systematize of vertebrates delay aggravate 20,000 reputation. A. Stephen Savage states in the size Fish that, Osteichthyes bear skeletons made of curse, insipid laminas, and gills. 1. Lean fish bear a ample stiffer skeleton owing it is reinforced by calcium salts. 2. Lean fish too bear clever eyesight unrelish other systematizees of fish 3. Lean fish bear a proper organ designated a swim blatter compressed lower their lean skeleton is a gas employed hall that allows the fish to continue shapeless in the impart. B. Tuna and Seahorses are examples of lean fish (Osteichthyes) 1. The tuna is redoubtable in the intermediate and tappers to points at twain ends. The tuna had two closely spaced dorsal fins on its end. The tuna is generally loud black sky sky sky blue falsification on its partys and euphonious on its lowerside. 2. The seahorse has a stolid lean armor which performs them bald swimmers. They chiefly anchor themselves delay their subordinates to things relish vileness or other kinds of plants. They bear a translucent dorsal fin on its end that propels them ready. Conclusion I. An voluptuous is not a fish unshort it has all the fit characteristics II. No stuff how irrelative fish are, most fish divide diverse basic characteristics: fins, gills, laminas, and concoct babies from eggs. III. Fish nature is sometimes confusing and trying, but it is a serviceable way of tuition environing irrelative assemblys of benevolent fish environing the earth. Bibliography Voluptuous Planet. N. p. , n. d. Web. 23 Oct. 2012. <http://animals. howstuffworks. com/fish/fish-info5. htm>. ORR, ROBERT T. VERTEBRATE BIOLOGY. FOURTH ed. PHILADELPHIA: W. B. SAUNDERS, 1976. Print. Radinsky, Leonard B. The Evolution of Vertebrate Design: Leonard B. Radinsky. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1987. Print. Savage, Stephen. Fish. Austin,Texas: Raintree, 2000. Print. Wallace, Holly. Classification. Chicago: Heinemann Library, 2000. Print.