Drama Evaluation

I ponder, although there were tranquil a few mistakes, that my assemblages' (made up of; Liegha, Charlotte, Max, Robert, Katie, Claire and myself) achievement went totally polite. Rehersals at the source of this tidings were hateful, delay assemblage arguing and not attending to eachother, but following a few weeks we began to select it up delay amend communicational skills and having divergent fellow-creatures in impute (director) veritably helped delay judgment making and getting everyone to attend to divergent ideas.MY singular rehersals worked veritably polite, I managed to perceive most of my lines delayin a few weeks, which gave me further opportunity to deal-in my staging positions and interaction delay the other characters on order, although I don't arrive-at this showed in my perfomance. My weakest spectacle would possess been the 'Lancelot and Guineverre' spectacle, where Max and I were bring characters. I ponder due to the truth that all eyes were on us, as we were very plug concertedly, gave me disregard 'stage-frieght' as my motion was totally starched, unequally in rehersals.I forgot most of the order directions we, as a assemblage, unwavering to use, to find the spectacle further 'slap-stick comemdy' for the year 6's. Although I arrive-at my tuneful skills were my secureest skills for the spectacle; I sounded further affect a queen/princess then a natural teenager, I enunciated so that interview members could perceive me, and I ponder I contemplated my tone totally vociferously. Our 'Booties' spectacle came aggravate totally effectively, delay everyone looking realistly hypnotized.Katie, our Leader, came off veritably secure and skilled and Claire, our McConnamal, came off veritably polite in the truth that she was obscure to deception indigent Liegha, Someone, into handing aggravate all her specie. All the Booties bear-in-mind their lines, on opportunity, so we were plug to 'in sync' delay eachover, which made the hypnotizism uniform further believeable. I ponder gone the achievement we possess improved this spectacle, in the truth that we've got alot of disposition for our new carol 'Money, Money, Money' which could buy the interview delay them swaying and enjoying the silence.All in all, I ponder that our achievement went sublime, not ripe, but veritably, veritably polite. As a assemblage I arrive-at we communicated polite, buyd the interview in a few spectacles, and mangaged to find as few mistakes as posseible. As an indivual formr, I arrive-at I can find alot of improvements to my serperate parts and to the unimpaired assemblage concertedly, and to be conscientious it was alot of fun. CaraMay x