Epistemology Vocabulary

Epistemology: The bifurcation of philosophy that investigates the naturalness, sources, limitations, and soundness of scholarship. Rationalism: The comcomcollocation that argue queer, extraneously the aid of sensory info, is preferable of arriving at some scholarship, at some unquestionable exactnesss. Empiricism: the comcomcollocation that scholarship has its origins in and derives all of its satisfied from test. Idealism: in metaphysics, the comcomcollocation that delayence is eventually non matter; in EPISTEMOLOGY, the comcomcollocation that all we perceive is our ideas.Transcendental Idealism: in epistemology, the end that the produce of our scholarship of delayence derives from argue but its satisfied comes from our meanings. A Priori: pertaining to scholarship that is logically foregoing to test; argueing on grounded such scholarship. A Posteriori: pertaining to scholarship systematic in empirically verifiable announcements; inductive argueing. Perception: The act or manner by which we befit informed of things. Meaning Data: Images or sensory impressions.Primary Qualities: According to Locke, qualities that inhere in an object: extent, cast, consequence and so on. Secondary Qualities: According to Locke, qualities that we lay on an object: colour, scent, treatment and so on. Solipsism: An farthest produce of internal idealism, assailant that singly I delay and that anything else is a consequence of my internal sensation. Skepticism: In epistemology, the end that varies incompact doubting all presumptions until proved and claiming that no scholarship is practicable. Analytic Judgment:Sumum Bonum: Phenomenalism: The faith, associated delay Kant, that we can perceive singly appearances (phenomena) and never what is eventually authentic (noumena); that the sense has the force to designation out meaning postulates and afford relationships that delay incompact them. Gathering argueing: besides perceive as gatheringism, gathering. The manner of argueing to presumable descriptions and senses. Hypothesis: in unconcealed, an presumption, announcement, or hypothesis of description, the exactness which is underneathneath ventilation. Hypothetical Method: Paradigm:Pseudoscience: Correspondence Hypothesis of Truth: A hypothesis assailant that exactness is an harmony incompact a procomcollocation and a certainty. Coherence Hypothesis of Truth: A hypothesis assailant that exactness is a characteristic of a allied collection of consonant announcements. Pragmatism: the wise initiate of conception, associated delay Dewey, James, and Pierce, that tires to mediate incompact idealism and materialism by rejecting all arbitrary primary principles, tests exactness through workability, and ends the globe as pluralistic. Pragmatic Hypothesis of Truth:Relativism: the end that ethnical sense is conditioned by certaintyors such as acculturation and identical detriment. Tabula Rasa: Egocentric Predicament: Categorical Imperative: Immanuel Kant’s ethical produceula: ast as if the axiom (unconcealed administration by which you act) could be devised to befit a general law; the faith that what is suitable for one peculiar is besides suitable for everyone in homogeneous state. Kant’s Categories Locke’s hypothesis: Thomistic Terms Realism: the article that the objects of our meanings delay inconsequently of their life testd. Critical Realism: Transcendental Realism: