Methods of Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

To artifice a literature enthusiasm or a literature program, there is a abnormity of literature arrangements which can be implemented to expedite the literature course. These arrangements are divided into two ocean categories , trainer centered and novice centered. In the underneath board, I accept listed unanalogous literature arrangements delay the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Method Advantage Disadvantage Presentations 1. Save the stread of transferring recognition. 2. Gives the novices to collate their recognition delay the presented one . 3. Gives the Novice a casualty to ask and examine delay the trainer undeviatingly. 2. Does not afford the novices plenty casualty to coerce their own literature consequently it is trainer centered arrangement Demonstration 1. Expose the novices to the best habit . 2. Considered as the earliest march to set-up the skills. 3. Save the stread of sharing recognition . 1. Unprofessional demonstrators can be a conclusion of inconsidercogent exploit. 2. Does not pretext the genuineness on the product position . Group Discussions, convergeings and briefings 1. A alert way of sharing recognition and skills. 2. Minimize the opposition of change 3. Learners can direct the convergeings providing their agendas which converge their deficiencys. 1. Does not complicate skilled portio. 2. Discussions capacity misunderstand the ocean themes and pine balance quantity. 3. A few novices capacity coerce the examineions period the others are singly listeners Role Play 1. Learners can habit what they glean and divide recognition. 2. Set-up the feeling of team product delayin novices . 3. Provide a unendangered environment for doing mistakes . 1. Capacity be balance simplified , so does not contemplate the genuine product. 2. It requires a feedback from the facilitator. 3. It improves skills singly . E-learning 1. Provide stread flexibility for novices . 2. The novice direct the tread of the literature. 3. Can be arrivaled in unanalogous ways and from unanalogous places. 1. Minimize the feeling of team product and sharing recognition delay others. 2. Requires an IT arrival and amicogent network 3. Boring for some novices styles such as the activists . On the job grafting 1. Expose the novices to the genuine product . 2. Gives the novices a casualty to habit. 3. Afford the novices to divide recognition delay usaged employees. 1. Requires an usaged instructor . 2. Cannot be applied in construction where there is a shortage of manpowe . 3. Learners capacity feel demotivated delay a occupied instructor or staff. Blended Learning 1. Abnormity of arrangements collectively concertedly. 2. It addresses all literature styles. 3. Improves the competencies through literature and habit. 1. Very valucogent in stipulations of currency and quantity. 2. Requires availability of different literature media and facilities . Coaching 1. Addresses the appropriate deficiencys of a novice 2. Maximize the novices recompense and self-esteem . 1. Very valucogent consequently it is one to one bearing. 2. Requires an manageable coach consequently it is applied for the skillful-treatment levels in most of the construction. Criteria of Choosing among literature Methods: 1. Literature Objectives : following analyzing the gaps among the popular capabilities and the required capabilities, literature objectives succeed be generated to meaning the literature deficiencys. 2. The literature budget: It plays a ocean role in excellenting the arrangements which are most cogent and causative . Organizations delay very poor budget usually use the inside media and not animated on the arrangements which are valuable. 3. Timing : the product hours and the availability of manpower are very essential criteria in excellenting the suiboard arrangements. Sometimes, e-literature is chosen due to stread restrictions delayin the construction or the operation. 4. Literature media and materials: facilities, compute of novices , literature aids and IT issues are put into importance to excellent the suiboard literature arrangement. Learning Media ,Facilities and Equipments and their Advantages and Disadvantages: Item Advantage Disadvantage Power Point 1. Manageable to use. 2. Support the construction of literature enthusiasm 3. Display photos, charts and statistics. 1. Requires other equipment such as basis projector and a computer. 2. Capacity be boring for some novices styles. Internet 1. Manageable to arrival anywhere any quantity. 2. Include lots of literature references and materials. 1. Requires amicogent netproduct differently the novices succeed not be cogent to glean right. 2. Learners capacity not be focused to the ocean theme when using the internet. Videos 1. Interesting for most of the novices . 2. It is not valucogent and does not deficiency balance quantitys. 1. Contain some cultural issues. 2. It is not appliccogent for particular deficiencys novices such as insensible or ignorant novices . A flipchart 1. Very uncostly. 2. Suited for literature activities and making-ready. 3. Utilized to get the novices complicated in the literature course. 1. Requires a stread in the quantity to be multitudinous up. 2. Needs unclouded colors. 3. Not appliccogent for some literature arrangements such as e-learning. Books and Handouts 1. Authentic references for novices. 1. New technology suspension . 2. Deficiency stread or quantity for storing. Smart Boards 1. Integrated technology 2. Animated for novice 1. Needs particular grafting for users. 2. Very valuable Classquantity or grafting bisections 1. Traditional and suited for order literature . 1. Requires a suiboard making-ready. 2. Not appliccogent for e-literature or variable literature. Criteria for excellenting suiboard media , facilities and equipment for literature activities: 1. Learners factors and novices styles : This excellention is a conclusion of analyzing the novices factors and deficiencys such as insensible, ignorant, activists, theorists..etc. 2. Budget: Following regarding the assigned budget the suiboard media and facilities succeed be manageable to identified . 3. Legislation : There are some literature legislations and policies which should be into importance such as unendangeredty and heartiness . 4. Nature of the literature activities or the literature arrangements : For pattern, e-literature requires the availability of computers or dressy phone or devices. 5. Compute of novices : This is very essential criteria to test the greatness of the assort or the grafting bisection . In attention, it encogent the literature and product practitioner to test the literature arrangement .