Mun Ga Resolution

RESOLUTION 1-1 Topic: Approaches to Neutralize the Wages of Weapons of Heap Perdition (WMDs) by Terrorist and Extremist Organizations Sponsor: Angola Bearing in impetus that a Arm of Heap Perdition is any nuclear, chemical, or biological arm that can producer confused fall or damnification on a extensive layer, Taking hush of the terrorist cluster AL-Qaeda along delay some North Caucasus terrorist clusters that accept acceptably normal that they inquire nuclear arms and accept serviceable to attain them Further reminds that Osama bin Laden has normal that the wages of nuclear arms or other arms of heap perdition is a "religious duty", Noting delay abstruse sorrow the solitude of the pursuit of a nuclear arm and the holdings that prosper due to the awkwardness to fix the arm, Viewing delay sensation the Treaty of Pelindaba (signed in 1996 and came to chattels in 2009) which establishes a nuclear-weapon-free zone in Africa, Deeply Disturbed by the aggression of Hiroshima and Nagasaki guideed by the United States in WWII and the holdings of the nuclear bombings that producerd extensive amounts of perdition and damnification, Applauds the Weapons of Heap Perdition Directorate's (WMDD) measures to neutralize threats from beseeming an aggression, Taking into representation the adit of nuclear arms in the U. S. , UK, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, and North Korea, The Republic of Angola, 1. Calls upon the falsehood of a committee that focuses on terrorist clusters and their use and dissatisfaction of arms of heap perdition (WMDs) and the ame of the committee as, The Elaboration Committee of the Abolishment of Terrorism/Extremist Groups and Their Use of WMDs (RCAT); 2. Requests the RCAT guide the prospering elaboration of: a) the availability of WMDs to terrorist and extremist clusters; b) what WMD fixed terrorist clusters are pursuit or troublesome to frame pursuit of, such as normal in preambulatory provision #2 and on outoutline 3 & 4; c) Focusing on where these clusters are comprehendledge how to compel and/or getting these arms from as well-behaved-behaved as where they supply them; 3. Requests funds from countries who delaystand and whom are unsupposable by terrorist and extremist clusters; 4. Excite requests that legion, from the countries who are providing funds, be brought into countries who accept agreed to such aid, delay extensive amounts of terrorist/extremist threats for a epoch of 6 months period the committee is in elaboration, in expectation for safety and bond for those who are unsupposable and giving notification to the RCAT to excite frame partnership from witnesses who comprehend of these clusters to hu-n the clusters' progress; . Calls for all countries to properly binder their WMDs and the arrangement to make them, in regulate to binder these arrangement from snare, in apprehension of the falsehood and pursuit of WMDs by terrorist/extremist clusters besides in apprehension of a virtual aggression; 6. Suggests that WMDs and arrangement are bindered in a quickness that is defended by serviceable empire officials and grasp recommendations from other nations, who are conversant in storing them, and use their recommendations to detail the position, structure, and measures to binder them safely trustworthy and from getting into the hands of terrorists and extremists clusters; 7. Asks for generous buttress from countries being unsupposable by terrorism and