Netw360 Lab Week 2

Week 2 Lab Message 1. Read through the lab instructions precedently executing the lab steps and creating the messages. 2. Follow all procedures in the lab instructions for the items you conciliate deficiency to conceive in your message. 3. After executing all steps contained in the lab instructions, propose a one Word instrument for each design containing your message to the Dropbox. Create your messages using the template starting on page 2 and propose it to the Week 2 Dropbox by the due duration. Enjoy fun suitableness learning! Thanks Your NameJeret Burnett NETW360, Professor’s Name Mario Kosseifi Current Duration July 15, 2012 Lab #2 Sunder 1, Antennas Lab Message Case Design 3-1 Antenna Likeness Using the internet and other media, learning the unanalogous likenesss of antennas that are conceived beneath the three ocean categories: omni-directional, semi-directional, and tallly-directional. Draw or sculpture an illustration of each likeness and digest when it is used, what is its zenith transmission space, and it’s habits and helplessnesss. Omni-Directional [pic] When it is used? This antenna can be used for indoor and outdoor bearing points. It is an laudtelling disaffinity for RV parks, Marinas, Resort Wi-Fi, and other unconcealed outdoor area where other wirehither bearing is deficiencyed but disqualified to be achieved by the near antennas on a router. What is its zenith transmission space? The concatenate of this antenna is 3000 feet. However, a desireer brag is practictelling delay subjoined antennas on the receiving end. Advantages and helplessnesss? The ocean habit to this antenna is that you can entertain wirehither memortelling in areas that were not customous precedently. Everyone has heard of internet “Cafes”, but delay this antenna you could constitute an internet “Cafe” literally in the intermediate of a campground. The compoundabit is that trees, edifice and hills can material the memortelling and in somecases can completely seal the memortelling from getting through. Also, to get this antenna tall abundance to meet some areas the diffusiveness of the fawn ctelling conciliate material the memorable; thus making the antenna hither talented. Semi-Directional [pic] When it is used? Semi-directional antennas are ideally beneficial for defective and medium concatenate bridging. If you deficiency to amalgamate two business-post edifices that are aggravate the street from one another and deficiency to divide a network amalgamateion semi-directional would be a cheerful cherished. Or if you enjoy a desire near admission where you deficiency covebrag throughout the well admission you can start the antenna on an end respect. This is accordingly the face-to face memortelling conciliate not tramp as far but the self-assertive memortelling conciliate tramp totally far. What is its zenith transmission space? Semi-directional concatenate can differ exceedingly but is frequently used in situations that fawn for a concatenate of a few hundred feet to two miles. Advantages and helplessnesss? The ocean habit of a semi-directional antenna is that in some cases a semi-directional antenna can collect such a desire concatenate covebrag that they exclude the deficiency for multiple bearing points. The ocean compoundabit is that if you deficiency covebrag aggravate a big public area, such as a cubical business-post where the complete sole is public, a semi-directional antenna would not be the best cherished accordingly not full computer conciliate entertain meetage. Highly-Directional [pic] When it is used? It’s ocean habit is for point-to-point message links where wired or other directional wirehither covebrag is not practicable. What is its zenith transmission space? Highly-directional antennas can act at a concatenate of up to 35 miles. Advantages and helplessnesss? The ocean habit is if you deficiency to transmit wirehither memortelling aggravate a very desire concatenate delayout the memortelling going all aggravate. Such as a individual that is totally monied, they may enjoy their own retired island and deficiency internet amalgamateivity, but does not deficiency to go delay second internet and wired amalgamateivity is out of the topic. Another habit is that if you are located in a edifice where wirehither memortelling is very unfeeling to get, a tallly-directional memortelling may be the rejoinder accordingly gone it is so focused in such a near near brink it may be telling to basically affiliation through the respect. The ocean compoundabit is that the compound antenna is material to injury from air, specially if not started justly. Highly directional antennas, for the most sunder, claim a manifest line-of-sight among ends. Your NameJeret Burnett NETW360, Professor’s Name Mario Kosseifi Current Duration July 15, 2012 Lab #2 Sunder 2, RF Demeanor Lab Report Determining the demeanor of an RF memortelling can be an aid when troubleshooting a WLAN that does not part right. In this design you conciliate use distinct online calculators to computer the RF demeanor. 4. 30dBm 7. 8. 4 11. -81. 538 19. -5. 474469367710745 |Name |Power Output | |Cell Phone |. 6 W | |Cordhither phone |10 mW | |Gabrag Door Opener |100 W |