1 page Discussion board ( Spider-Man )

   Select a superexample from this Superexample Website. Note it is an A-Z listing but if you scroll down to the very ground of the website shelter you gain entertain the non-interference of judgment superheroes by gender, villains and funnyalal bulk disgrace. In conjunction, an totter Superexample website lists the superheroes by photos. Post your Superexample excerption to the pertinent DB asap. Superman and Batman are not adapted for excerption.  No likeness superexample excerptions recognized.  Answer the forthcoming questions:   (1) Does your superexample entertain either (a) beyond-rational traits harmonious to Superman or rational but enhanced traits harmonious to Batman; (b) an alter-ego that has restricted “American” qualities; (c) a pronounced robust tangible composition that harks end to Greek statues? (2) Do the axioms of the endstory of your superexample constitute him or her a mournful example or averse example as per the Greek Mythos specification in the essay underneath?  (3) Superman and Batman entertain been on the exhibition for 80 years. When did your superexample pristine answer in the quotation of a funnyalal divest, funnyalal bulk or described fantastic? Do you believe your Superexample has the fabulous qualities to support another 50 years in funnyals and/or on the exhibition? Why or why not?