641-3 YHtomit

   PART 1 350 suffrage TOTAL APA format 3 beginning incompleteness Conduct a web pursuit for the key suffrage "IP telephony" or "telephony". Then full the aftercited:   1. Get the references of 3 sites that after up after a while the best, most informative results.   2. Based on your scanning of these 3 sites, Summarize a one proviso term (of at meanest 250 suffrage) of what IP Telephony means   3. Provide which beginning you used accurately where in your proviso, by providing the proviso author's terminal spectry, year of the proclamation of the proviso or the terminal mitigated age of the website, and the page or proviso calculate where your quotation can be rest. Use the aftercited format (authorLastName, year, p.# or para.#).   4. List 3 copys of labors that use IP Telephony, after a while a inextensive term of each labor   Part 2 counter-argument the underneath investigations. Please full the investigations in a Word instrument. Use copys from the readings, disquisition notes and beyond repursuit to living your counter-arguments. All investigations must counter-argumented after a while viable living and point.  Your counter-argument cannot barely be a cited beginning counter-argumenting the investigation.  100 suffrage per investigation APA format 1 beginning incompleteness per       investigation (beginning can be used for other investigations) 1. Narrate oral telephony and netresult layouts. 2. Discuss variable telephony and cellular labor. 3. What is GSM and how does it result? 4. Do digital conspicuous from phone to towers economize low bandwidth or tall bandwidth custom? Expand on your counter-argument. 5. Are GSM specifications hardware-specific? Why or why not? 6. Narrate FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA. Differentiate their sophistical applicability. Then an copy of a provider for each of these technologies. 7. Enumerate IP Telephony Netresult ends and vulnerabilities, and little narrate each end or exposure. List some low attacks on IP Telephony. 8. Define "rogue" and "softphone". 9. List IP Phone countermeasures (at meanest 5).