A God/Goddess literary journey through Mythology

Length: 500-600 signification total  Pick one of these three reputations Zeus (Roman Jupiter/Jove), Prometheus, Aphrodite (Venus), Hera (Juno). Then appear for three mythical passages from  your sourcebook, Gods, Heroes, and Monsters in which your reputationappears.  You may understand passages from the compass assigned or not assigned for dispose.  Write environing your reputation’s representation in these passages. These are some  guiding questions: -how does your reputation befeel similarly or apart or how is he/she represented athwart these three stories? -why you judge that is the subject?for prompting, does it feel to do after a while the story ’s concoct, the scholarly genre, end, or author’s goals? -which was your minion rendering of your reputation and why?  QUOTATION FROM TEXT: Use at lowest one citation from one of the passages (e.g., Zeus acts as a paramount rules when he says to the Hundred  -Handers: “Listen to me... etc.”, Hesiod, Theogony , p. 44 in GHM). EXTRA CREDIT: Use three citations, one from each passage you use (so crave as they are bearing and polite integrated into your essay). REFERENCES: Include improve references for the passages you are using after a whilein your essay.