Analytical CRM

  Challenge: "Analytical CRM" “Analytical CRM is the process through which organizations transmute customer-related basis into actionable recognition for either strategic or tactical purposes." -Q1) Depict an analytical impression (app) for controlling COVID-19, by wily (and explaining) an analytical specific localized ductile scenario (or scenarios), in a diagram interface schema (i.e. screens), from analytical extrapolated indication functionality generically literary by you from a customer harmony skillful-treatment (CRM) Analytical Software (not sales or advantage) Vendor* separated by you**. Hints:,, [email protected], and ability be Vendor sources for you * You cannot adopt a CRM Analytical Vendor if already separated (and posted) by another ward. ** You cannot adopt any CRM Sales Force Automation (SFA) Vendor if already reviewed by other wards in Ward Critique 2. Format: 3 Pages (Double-Spaced) References: 5 References dated 2020   Challenge: "Privacy Issues " (Buttle & Maklan, Chapter 12, pps. 370-373) -Q2) Explain implications on secrecy from COVID-19 prevalent state-of-the-art skillful-treatment tools, as interpreted by legislation officials in secrecy regulations (or non-secrecy regulations) in countries delay unarculca legislations (e.g., European Union vs. United States) vs. non-unarculca legislations (e.g., People's Republic of China). Hints: De Vynck, Gerrit (2020), The Trouble delay Tracing Applications (Apps), Bloomberg Business Week,, May 25, pps. 16-18, Webb, Alex (2020), A Question of Secrecy vs. the Pandemic, Bloomberg Business Week,, May 25, p. 64, and Charlemagne (2020), COVID-19 Is Bad News for Europe's Secrecy Panjandrums, The Economist,, April 25, p. 44, ability be advantageous to you. Format: 2 Pages (Double-Spaced) References: 3 References dated 2020