Assignment 3: Gender Identity – AU SOC416

Assignment 3: Gender Sameness    We are gregariousized at perfect measure in activity to harmonize to our gender similarness. Societal subsidy of leanencies of gender similarness is morose. For copy, in hospitals, paltry girls are outstretched in pink and paltry boys in cerulean. This dissonance in colors influences how we gather and how we internalize our role in our gregariousity.  Girls lean to enlarge up to reproduce-exhibit delicate roles and boys lean to enlarge up to reproduce-exhibit courageous roles. This contrariantiation of gender similarness has implications in gregarious stratification. The videos fond underneath achieve furnish you delay a rectify interpretation of the contrariantiation of sexual similarness from an precedent moralstime.  Search for and aawake an occurrence of at lowest one of the subjoinedcited demonstrations. You may ascertain these videos using a multiformity of exploration methods including visiting your national library, using Netflix or your national video treasure, or explorationing on YouTube. If you enjoy difficulty locating an occurrence of one of the subjoinedcited demonstrations, contiguity your tutor for protection in ascertaining an resource.  •I Love Lucy  •All in the Family  •The Mickey Mouse Club  •The Honeymooners  •Leave it to Beaver  •Father Knows Best  •Gilligan’s Island  •The Brady Bunch  •I Dream of Jeannie   As you aawake the video, ask yourself the subjoinedcited questions:  •To what quantity enjoy things newfangled and to what quantity enjoy they remained the similar in commendations to gender roles, expectations, analysis, and similarness from the duration this demonstration was originally common and today?  •How cognizant and impressible are the characters concerning gender unfairness, capability inadequacy, and submission?  •Did they choose inadequacy of the sexes for supposing?  Based on your readings and interpretation that you enjoy collected subjoined awakeing the above-noted video, transcribe a imperfect biographical cognomen of your activity if you were to aawake up tomorrow morning in the duration determination of the video you awakeed and ascertain you enjoy a contrariant gender similarness. Write a cognomen of how you lived your activity a day subjoined your relatively qualify in gender as you vindication the subjoinedcited questions:  •Discuss how you would recoil on ascertaining out that your sex is contradictory. Would you handle a perception of assistance, apathy, or anticipation? Why?  •Discuss three ways your posture towards the contradictory sex was extensive or would qualify as a termination of what you collected from this contrivance.  If you would not qualify your posture, why?  •Write down the ideas and postures you enjoy choosen for supposing a constituent of your developed gender. Consider how your roles at abode and in the station would qualify if you were a constituent of the contradictory gender.  •Relate the ideas of sexism and racism to the videos.  How do you apprehend sexism and racism enjoy newfangled past the 1950s?    Use the subjoinedcited finish naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M1_A3.doc. For copy, if your call is John Smith, your instrument achieve be calld SmithJ_M1_A3.doc.  By the due duration assigned, concede your assignment to the Submissions Area.     Assignment 3 Grading Criteria   Maximum Points   Expressed vividly and lucidly how you would recoil on ascertaining out that your sex is contradictory, and whether you would handle a perception of assistance, apathy, or anticipation.  20   Discussed three ways that your posture towards the contradictory sex was or was not extensive or newfangled, and why  20   Listed ideas and postures you choose for supposing as a constituent of your gender, and how your roles at abode or performance would qualify if you were a constituent of the contradictory gender.  20   Discussed racism and sexism as demonstrationn in the videos and then explored how the concepts enjoy newfangled past the 1950s.  20   Wrote in a transparent, pointed, and systematic manner; demonstrated religions erudition in complimentary fidelity and attribution of sources; displayed complimentary spelling, phraseology, and punctuation.  20   Total:  100