Assignment: Testing Hypotheses for Means SPSS

  This week you entertain explored three irrelative approaches to t experiments. By this sharp-end, you comprehend that each experiment has assumptions encircling the postulates and pattern of discovery scrutinys it can apology. For this Assignment, you conquer be supposing after a while three scenarios. As you recognize the scenarios, be indisputable and ponder encircling aligning the expend t experiment after a while the scrutiny. Investigate whether the postulates are dogged specimens and if two specimens are life compared. To ad for this Assignment: Review the Learning Resources and the instrument programs allied to t experiments. Also, criticism the t experiment scenarios (Attached) root in this week’s Learning Resources and investigate the three irrelative approaches of t experiments: Independent specimen t experiment Paired specimen t experiment One specimen t experiment Based on each of the three discovery scenarios supposing, unconcealed the High School Longitudinal Study postulatesset (attached) from this week’s Learning Resources using SPSS software, then pick-out and run the expend t experiment. For this Assignment: Write a 2 to 3-paragraph decomposition of your t experiment results for each discovery scenario and embody the SPSS syntax and output.  Do not learn to evaluate if the t experiment assumptions are met, exonerate the option of pattern of t experiment, and declaration the commodities greatness. Based on your results, cater an sense of what the implications of gregarious fluctuate force be. Use constitutional APA format, citations, and referencing for your decomposition, discovery scrutinys, and output. By Day 7 Submit Assignment: Testing Hypothesis for a Mean.