Assignment: The PowerPoint is due at 11:55 pm on Friday Length: 800-1000 words

   Assignment due date: The PowerPoint is due at 11:55 pm on Friday of week 4 (27 March).  Length:  800-1000 say  ( I artistic and I possess pictures of the tests questions and responses)  Students are expected to total the Job Pursuit micro-certificates and decipher the two assigned decipherings and observe the video on the Forthcoming of Work. Students allure result a PowerPoint informed by the embodied build in the micro-credential, assigned decipherings and video, and response the forthcoming question: Reading One Reading two  The Video  How is the universe of exertion changing  and what are the implications for your forthcoming success opportunities and job pursuit strategies?  Each learner allure be expected to result a PowerPoint of no further than 10 slides and use the notes individuality of your PowerPoint to transcribe an sense of each slide as if you were presenting the gift orally.  Your written sense (i.e. notes) should be betwixt 700-800 say delay Harvard-style in-text referencing when referring to the assigned decipherings and micro-certificates conquering.  Please conceive a intimation schedule as your ultimate slide. Assessment criteria allure be: · Ability to evaluate and critically return on the set decipherings and micro certificates embodied · Ability to establish the unanalogous perspectives on the changing forthcoming of exertion and how changing affair practices are impacting on exertion and calling. · Ability to establish the main issues/arguments presented in the decipherings and micro-credential.  · Ability to allot these unanalogous perspectives and arguments to your own job experiences or forthcoming job expectations · Clarity of PowerPoint and written sense of each slide. Can you delight secret your PPT (delay notes) into a signal muniment and succumb your assignment as a Signal improve.  This allure gain it ample easier for us to arrange feedback.  The way for converting PPT to Signal is truly plain. Delight flourish these steps: In PPT: 1. Disclosed PowerPoint Improve in PowerPoint. ... 2. Click File> Export > Create Handouts. 3. The Send to Microsoft Signal dialog box allure disclosed. 4. Choose page layout from options consecrated. 5. Choose how you nonproduction slides ascititious to your signal muniment. 6. Click OK