AWS implementation

  Task 1  - DO NOT strive this undertaking if you entertain completed Undertaking 2 Overview This duty individual requires you to effect a lacking communication for some of the Technical and Development staff of DSI.   Task Regional Gardens is set-on-footing to forfeit some of its applications and services to a general obscure. Many of the pastureing staff would affect to set-on-foot a order of WordPress predicaments where they can portion-out their notice and trial in divergent aspects of pastureing. You entertain been asked to imagine a WordPress predicament on AWS where staff can portion-out their pastureing trials and ask members of the general about pastureing problems and issues that sorrow them. You are to effect an information manual that describes: How to imagine a WordPress occurrence on AWS (40 marks). This information manual must: Describe all the plods that are required to admittance AWS and imagine a launched WordPress occurrence, Include screenshots of each plod of the course, parallel after a while adequate explanatory extract to guard that another user could thrive the informations after a whileout problems. Your WordPress predicament should hold dwarf informations for users on how to add comments and photos or screenshots to your predicament (30 marks). These informations must besides be middle in your information manual, parallel after a while a screenshot of the completed predicament. Your information manual should besides hold dwarf informations on:  How you entertain guardd your WordPress predicament (20 marks), How you get prepare users after a while guard admittance to your WordPress predicament (10 marks). You get be absorbed admittance to an AWS Classroom and an AWS Educate statement. You get be operative to admittance the AWS services that you deficiency to imagine your WordPress predicament through the AWS classroom. You can use any mode to imagine a WordPress predicament that you desire. AWS has a compute of  divergent approaches that you can use and you are unimpeded to select one that assists yourself. There are now three potential paths to completing the WordPress occurrence for assignment 3. You are unimpeded to select which constantly of these that assist you: Install on Linux. You get deficiency to imagine an EC2 Linux occurrence and cast a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). then institute WordPress. The tutorial for the LAMP stack instituteation is at, and the tutorial for instituteing WordPress is at Install on Windows. You get deficiency to imagine a EC2 Windows Server 2019 occurrence and institute the Web Platform Installer, thriveed by the WordPress instituteation. The tutorial is at: Install on Elastic Beanstalk.  You get set up a exalted availability WordPress predicament after a while an RDS database on Elastic Beanstalk. The tutorial is at   You are to imagine a header on your predicament that identifies it as your Regional Gardens pasture order predicament.  You are not required to imagine or transcribe any other extract on your WordPress predicament. You are besides required to tool guard admittance for members of the general, and you must entertain investigated this course and documented the plods required to tool it. You are besides strongly advised to fasten down your predicament as shortly as you entertain completed all tests and documentation.