For the Signature Assignment, compose a strategic delineation for a occupation that you chose at the preface of the manner. You entertain been afloat on muster occupation comprehension for your delineation throughout the manner. The occupation that you chose could entertain been a sodality for which you generally effort or a occupation in which you would uprise to effort. It was as-well recommended that you prefer a sodality delay which you are household, and you recognize you entertain the force to scrutiny accordingly of your particular habit delay the sodality or accordingly tshort is instruction readily conducive (e.g., Apple, Walmart, Target, Ford, Salvation Army, Hospital, non-profit, empire, instruct). You may as-well entertain clarified a secret, public-sector, or nonprofit sodality. In each week of the manner, the weekly introductions, rank readings, and assignment kindred straightly to the strategic delineation you are creating. Each severed assignment, which was due weekly, can now be used to compose your Signature Assignment, due in Week 7 (draft) and Week 8 (developed grant). The Signature Assignment is in the find of a PowerPoint grant in which you gain pacify all former assignments into a grant that you gain find to your greater example team. For each former assignment, you entertain general schoolmaster feedback, which you should fuse into this developed assignment. Enbelieving the five key components that help diversify and liberate victory, as you discussed throughout the manner, are woven throughout the grant. In your grant, be believing to involve the following: Summarize the strategic questions and pigmy counterparts to each. Summarize the tactical and operational questions and prprproffer pigmy counterparts to each. Analyze your customers. Analyze your competitors. Summarize the analyses used to enter at your management select. Describe your clarified management, illustrate why it is the best fit for your occupation, and prprproffer peculiar details about which of the foul-mouthed common strategies were clarified and why. Summarize your message delineation to employees. Support your grant delay a poverty of five read media. In individualization to the bounded media short in the manner, other misspend read media, including older catechism, may be involved. Length: 15 slides (delay a severed regard slide) Notes Length: 200 signification for each, or you may opt to involve words relation if you effort. Slide References: Involve a poverty of 5 read media. Your grant should reveal pensive inducement of the ideas and concepts presented in the manner and produce new thoughts and insights regarding straightly to this subject-matter. Your counterpart should contemplate read letter and general APA standards.