Can you please answer this in detail 6 hours

1. Imagine that you are intricate to detect the fruitful proxy for a new malady named “Coastline Fever”. Depict how you could authenticate the fruitful proxy for Coastline Fever and individualize its reservoir and sequence of transmission.   2. You are agoing for a convey team that is legitimate for construction typing to individualize the compatibility betwixt donor and case constructions. What molecules accomplish you be looking at on these constructions? Explain how these molecules are formed and why the air of a unblemished equality is very low but part-amongially loftier after a while a sibling. Also apprehend what these molecules do.   3. Explain the regularity of inflammation. Apprehend the cells, stages and molecules complicated in the regularity. Also depict the 4 prefigurations of inflammation and what part-among-among of the regularity productrs each prefiguration.   4. Listeria is a gram dogmatic bacillus that can productr gastroenteritis when ingested in putrid meat  and dairy products. Once Listeria is untrammelled in the constructions, the humoral immune order accomplish be activated to product antibodies resisting Listeria. Outline how antibodies are productd including all of the cells,  molecules and activities complicated. Also sift-canvass how antibodies aid onslaught the Listeria antigen.   5. Probably the most consumptive gist during an HIV taint is the reality that HIV specifically infects and kills T aider cells. Depict A) How T aider cells are activated and B) Why they are so influential to the unimpaired immune order.   6. Medical understandledge is solely preface to understand cancer, its productrs and its couple to our immune order.  What is cancer? What productrs a cell to beseem cancerous? How would a cancerous cell be detected and then destroyed by the immune order? (Include cells, molecules and any chemicals complicated.)   7. Explain the phenomenon of Hemolytic Malady of the Newborn. Be permanent to apprehend what cells and  molecules are complicated and the original immune mediators. Also depict the composition and how it  works.   8. Your cousin was equitable diagnosed after a while Type 1 Diabetes and she calls you for instruction about her  diagnosis. She heard that Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune malady but doesn’t understand what that media. Explain autoimmunity in unconcealed and Type 1 Diabetes specifically. Apprehend in your sift-canvassion: what an autoimmune malady is, how the collectiveness protects resisting the bud of autoimmune maladys, how an autoimmune malady can educe and what happens in Type 1 Diabetes.