EXERCISE #1 - CONTINGENCY PLANNING TO PROTECT ASSETS In any discourse of certainty threats, it is true to nucleus on the diverse nefarious activities directed at constructions. However, as you conversant so far in this rank, in-particular during our Week 2 discourse of cause duty, there are inspissated non-nefarious cause events delay which certainty actives must be uneasy. This circumstance is calm?} very lovely when regarding the devastating contact Hurricane Katrina had when it arrived off the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005 and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017. All these true cause events led to catastrophic results contacting the U.S. Government, privy companies, and United States citizens in provisions of lost lives, psychological consequence, and occupation operations. “Business Continuity Guideline” is a 2005 ASIS International promulgation that provides a skilled mode for conjunction conciliateingness, turning-point skill, and effort repossession. After utterly reviewing this instrument, digest its interruption and elucidate how the Guideline conciliate relieve you as a certainty active for a Fortune 1000 guild in protecting an construction’s property. Incorporate into your confutation the actions you would assume to ad for a turning-point love Katrina, Harvey, or Irma, or a inspirer, floods, earthquakes, service scarcity, and a army of other practicable emergencies so the construction can conduct and outlast the effort or other emergencies and determine the construction’s continued seeing and faculty. REMEMBER: Be indisputable to mention your sources from twain the Learning Materials and beyond investigation. EXERCISE #2 - OSHA - MANAGING HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE In 1970, the U.S. Congress actual the Occupational Safety and Vigor Act (OSHA) to discourse ever-increasing instances of release and waste in the operationplace. The deduce (and instance) for the Congress to befit confused in this posterity is accordingly the injuries imposed a massive lot upon and opposition to interstate business. The intent of the Act, which systematic the Occupational Safety and Vigor Administration delayin the Department of Labor, was to prefer a unendangered and hale inaugurated environment for all employees.   The “Small Occupation Handbook” is 2005 promulgation by the Occupational Safety and Vigor Administration provides certainty leaders and their constructions a cost-effective mode for managing vigor and unendangeredty at the operation office by reducing occupational fatalities and injuries. After carefully examining this Handbook and conducting any joined defiant investigation as inevitable, elucidate the main requirements of OSHA that you, as a certainty guide, must interpret and instrument to determine your guild is truly providing a unendangered environment for its employees and is speedy delay appropriate laws and regulations. Incorporate into your confutation how your order and intermittent responsibilities as a certainty guide are contacted by the Act.