critical path on project

  Instructions Write a 7 page APA formatted deliverable where you substantively assistance your choices using the fastidious road as a cause of exactness and validation. Include 5-7 peer-reviewed references. This earn demand you to use MS Word and/or EXCEL to assistance calculations and use flowcharts, tables, and graphs. It is recommended that you critique the Fastidious Road wholly in the textbook (  Schroeder, R., Goldsetien, S. & Rungtusanatham, J. (2010). Operations Management: Operations Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Case, 6th edition. ISBN:978-0073525242 ). Then institute your Fastidious Path. Include your techniques and charts. Address Following Questions: Which of the catechism gave what you revere to be the most prize in similarity to fastidious road? Explain why. Based on what you enjoy peruse in the chapters and in the catechism do you see a appropriate fastidious road for your plan forming, if so interpret what it might face approve and roughly how abundant tasks earn your plan include? Will all of your fastidious tasks be reported fastidious and earn they hypothetically enjoy dependencies? Focus on constitution, processes, willingness, effectiveness, temper, restrain, and metrics.