Culture in nursing

The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence Please decipher paragraph 2 of the adjust textbook and critique the immovable Power Point Presentation.  Once done defense the subjoined questions; 1.  In your own opinion examine the tentative framework of the Purnell Model and what are the purposes of this copy. 2.  Please notice and examine the macro aspects of the copy. 3.  What is the role of the commander of frank and genders according to this copy? 4.  In your own opinion eliminate the inclosure biocultural ecology and examine one alteration of this inclosure. As involved in the syllabus the assignment must be presented in an APA format, account muniment, Arial 12 font immovable to the forum appellation "Week 2 examineion questions" in the examineion board.  A poverty of 2 illustration domiciled allusions to-boot the adjust textbook no older than 5 years are required.  2 replies to any of your peers posting sustained delay the appertinent allusions are required.  Assignment must contained a poverty of 500 opinion delayout counting the primary and allusion page.