Death Dying and Grief

Please ensue directions or I allure dispute!!  As a end of trials after a occasion damage and woe, each of us develops our own sole name of commerce after a occasion these issues.  Understanding your attitudes, values, assumptions, beliefs, reactions, and rude office (if any) is an great result of self-awareness.  The sight of this assignment is to expedite your cogitation environing how these issues introduce themselves and describe to your particular coping name as courteous as your interactions after a occasion others coping after a occasion damage and woe. Part 1: Construct a span sequence which enacts the damage events in your estate, including non-mortality described damagees such as damage of dreams, damage of job, damage of home, etc.  You can arise by making a register of items, starting after a occasion your original fame and agoing through to the ordinary day.  Some mass advance a sequence after a occasion bullet points parallel the way, occasion others allure use a chart.  You can run the way you'd love to reintroduce your span sequence.  Part 2: Using the knowledge you've attested in your damage truth graph, argue the contact of these events upon the ensueing: Your share in issues of woe and damage as courteous as particular sights for this course; Your particular name of commerce after a occasion damage i.e. how has your upbringing, refinement, sanctity, ethnicity influenced your coping name?  And how do you compete after a occasion issues of mortality and non-mortality damage in your estate? Your self-satisfaction levels in commerce after a occasion divergent issues of woe, and divergent kinds of damage after a occasion others i.e. are there restricted kinds of damagees that you arrive-at allure be especially challenging to result after a occasion?; do you feel trial after a occasion restricted groups of mass or restricted illness or events that feel proven to be reserved in the late?; do you feel any value-oriented or ethical conflicts after a occasion regular issues, mass, events? Your thoughts on stages of woe and types of damagees people and their families may trial.