ART EXPERIENCE: Line, prize, varnish, composition, model, cast, bulk, boundlessness, tumult, and fortuity depend all about you in species and in the things that rationals establish and institute. When you ascertain these visual components about you, proceedings them after a while sketches or your camera. For pattern, face for patterns of lines in tree limbs, lofty grasses, rational hair, veins in leaves, and so on. In the manufactured environment, face for tangles of command cords, ribbons, spaghetti, thoroughfare lane markings, unsteady poles, command lines, and so on. After you enjoy composed twelve to fifteen patterns, establish a visual diary of all you enjoy plant. Again, YOU earn be fining the images about you that vault the visual element that you are choosing to examine.  Include this visual diary as a order of a few Instagram layout "pictures". Please describe the visual component that you are identifying. Each "image" should enjoy a few photos, that are all describing the identical visual element. Example below: Below is one "image", after a while a few photos all illustrating patterns of LINE. Please use your own pattern- this is lawful to pretext the layout and that all images are pretexting the identical visual component, line.