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  Week 8 Discussion: E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies (Click to Unravel Instructions) Your fraternity is experiencing delaydraw in occupation accordingly of rivalry. Your director thinks they may be effectual to convert the fraternity environing if they can get aid from an IT functional on E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies. Assume your fraternity is a unwritten hawk existence common to Sears, Macy’s or K-Mart, recommend ways your fraternity can use E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies to extension its seeing and sales. In your discourse, expound what is E-Commerce and Mobile Technology. Complete your deep subsistence no later than Friday. Read and meet to at lowest 2 of your classmates’ subsistences. Please use APA throughout in your deep subsistence and responses to other subsistences. Below are attached recommendions on how to meet to your classmates’ discourses: Ask a sharp scrutiny, substantiated delay attached elucidation notice, averment or elimination. Share an instinct from having unravel your colleagues’ subsistenceings, synthesizing the notice to procure new perspectives. Offer and subsistence an choice perspective using unravelings from the classroom or from your own elimination. Validate an effect delay your own test and attached elimination. Make a recommendion inveterate on attached averment drawn from unravelings or following synthesizing multiple subsistenceings. Expand on your colleagues’ subsistenceings by providing attached instincts or contrasting perspectives inveterate on unravelings and averment.