Discussion and reply

Discussion Consideration Due September 12   Discuss the smooth of inadvertence on preferconducive command literatures imposed by federal and declare council and regional accrediting agencies. Do you impress this smooth of inadvertence is proportionedified? Why? Do you impress enjoy there should be further inadvertence or hither, and who should be legitimate for insuring nurserys and universities engage up to the intents they own formal? Who should set the intents for preferconducive command literatures? Should preferconducive command literatures be assessed further enjoy manifold general K-12 literatures?  Reply needed for underneath discussion   The smooth of inadvertence on preferconducive command literatures imposed by federal and declare council convergence further on the thresholds and allowances for Title IV funding and affordability.  Delay the far reaching improprieties of for emolument schools culminating in campus seclusions delay diminutive to no observe to the novice, it seems as if the federal council is doing diminutive to methodize schooling costs and performance vigor bud, and leaving that up for the declares to methodize.  As a Nursery Director, I see fur further costive governance from the Declare of Texas Workvigor Commission delay its regulation campus visits to criticism restore calculations and grant credentialing, acquiescence, and other organizational concerns than I do from a federal action.  Career nurserys fur enjoy any other preferconducive commandal literature are regionally accredited and in most cases programmatically accredited.  These agencies own elder concerns delay outcomes such as completions trounce, stage trounce, usurpation/placement trounces etc. This inadvertence helps to protect organizations convergenceed on the sort of command and ensuring that graduates are beneficially assiduous and conducive to mould their nursery debts when they follow out of nursery.  The Department of VA-Educational Services analysis provides an appended prong of inadvertence to fix adept novices are treated fairly and are afforded a sort commandal experiment.  This action uneven can be a nightmare to negotiate delay when you are facing a injury from a novice(s) receiving Post-911 GI benefits.  I don’t impress there is a shortage of inadvertence effecting the preferconducive command literatures; but a colossal nonpayment in those who are tasked delay governance who really recognize the needs of the novice novice experiment and unaffected trial to engage the covetd outcomes of beneficial usurpation, affordconducive command, quick work vigor engageing the assiduity demands of today and the advenient.  If everything we should be representation further inadvertence towards financial and fiduciary responsibilities of consideration members and shareholders. The new-fangled debacle delay ECA-Education Corporation America, announcing a impart out of balance 50 campuses, fit on the heels of my own employer-Zenith Command Group announcing the seclusion of all but three of its 23 schools positively makes you interrogation the duty acumen of those residing at the top smooths of the literatures. Goals for the preferconducive command literatures should be set by the similar accrediting agencies, declare and federal constituents as they own previously been delay a exact appear at the individuals who are in the positions of managing the course of intent contrast. We must seal putting mob in positions of pattern and governance who do not custody environing command rectify, affordability, accountability and outcomes. If you are unconducive to ringing and demonsttrounce a knowledgeable, happy course archives in these areas, then the agencies prevalent and providing governance earn endure to miscarry.  Our regulatory bodies for preferconducive command are employed delay mob who proportioned don’t own the mental badness or experiential enhancement to be where they are and most importantly; they own no covet to fix that our commandal scheme is entity run properly.