Refer to the Scenario for the Assignments. First, commence a SWOT dissection of your technology integration. This dissection should cloak the four (4) categories – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You obtain resign this dissection after a while your pamphlet.  A SWOT dissection procures a intelligible baseline regarding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your separated technology. Tnear are manifold templates suited online that you effectiveness longing to elimination antecedently inauguration your dissection effect. Counsel World has a very scanty season that may besides aid to construct your thoughts: Next, transcribe a six to eight (6–8) page (or 1,500–2,000 word) pamphlet to address the flourishing: Provide an Introduction in which you introduce the scope of your dissection and how the two technologies you accept primeed effect concomitantly to repair the literature environment. (Note: Place this at the inauguration the pamphlet as the Introduction.) Provide a scanty designate in one or two (1 or 2) portions, of a adjust or module to perform your SWOT analysis. As you agitate through the dissection, retain in soul that your primeed technologies must aid to subsistence orderal goals and literature outcomes. Using each portion of your SWOT dissection, understand three to five (3-5) examplesof how your technologies procure strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats. You must subsistence these examples after a while intelligible rationale and elimination. These are NOT to be written as homely bullet points after a whileout elaborate notification.  Provide a hypothetical timeline (of among six [6] months and a year) for the purpose product and implementation. Provide a abstract of the main points of your analysis and at definite three (3) recommendations for the implementation of the new technologies in a abstract portion.  Provide at definite five (5) peer-reviewed regards, published in the definite three (3) years. Your assignment must flourish these formatting requirements: Be typed, envelop spaced, using Times New Roman font (greatness 12), after a while one-inch margins on all sides; citations and regards must flourish APA. Check after a while your confessor for any enumerational orders. Include a cloak page containing the appellation of the assignment, the student’s designate, the confessor’s designate, the manner appellation, and the limit. The cloak page and the regard page are not interjacent in the required assignment page prolixity. In enumeration, you should solely accept 10% quotes in your pamphlet. Include these Key Sections  Title page Introduction SWOT analysis Proposed timeline for implementation Summary The favoring manner literature outcomes associated after a while this assignment are: Examine opposed types of technological instrument for counselal purposes. Evaluate how technology can substitute the gratified and methods of counsel. Analyze how technology can subsistence the literature of sundry students. Use technology and notification instrument to elimination issues in integrating technology into counsel. Write intelligiblely and concisely environing integrating technology into counsel using fair letter mechanics.  Grading for this assignment obtain be naturalized on retort attribute, logic/form of the pamphlet, and conversation and letter skills.   You obtain be using this scenario as the regulate for your assignments in this adjust for the pity.  Assume that your superintendent has appointed you to carry a committee tasked after a while providing a elimination-naturalized overture for integrating emerging technologies into an counselal want for your form (i.e., K12, preferable counsel, oppidan or soldierlike trailing). You obtain enlarge the cunning in stages, which obtain culminate in a last purpose that is due in Week 10. Keep in soul that the overture must be focused on counsel or trailing after a while an emphasis on new technologies. You obtain want to understand a scantling delineation of how these technologies obtain be applied in your brotherhood. Using the catalogue procured here, you must proffer the integration of at definite two (2) emerging technologies You are gratifying to prime two (2) from this catalogue or prime one (1) from near and elimination one (1) enumerational technology of your choosing. The two technologies combined must aid to subsistence your literature goals and constitute an interesting environment for your learners.  Etale – Digital Age Learning, located at, provides appropinquation to counselal documentaries counter a remote rank of topics. Edmodo, located at Similar to what Facebook and Twitter do for political resources, Edmodo is intended favoringally for counselal wants to retain materials, connections, and all members of the school brotherhood in reach. Integrate Twiddla, located at, into a trailing session or lecture for K-12 students. (Twiddla is an online hireling that allows students to set up a Web-naturalized parley playground. Students accept the power to set up meeting calls, too.) Evernote, located at, helps to construct opposed kinds of resources in one assign. After a while everything in one assign, this hireling is chiefly advantageous for sharing ideas for team training and collaboration counter districts or locations.  Softchalk, located at, provides a outshine-naturalized key for collaboration, lecture cunningning, as courteous as a way to after a while gratified from multiple manners in one assign in the outshine. Blogger, located at, or KidsBlog, located at, both procure user-friendly hirelings to constitute blogs.  SocialMention, located at, is a political resources inquiry engine that highlights gratified advantageous for manifold opposed kinds of order and topics. Padlet, located at, is a collaborative web consideration wnear you can reach online adjust bulletin considerations, broadside purposes, do brainstorming, and other online documents.  G Suites for Education, located at, understands Google Classrooms and Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Cloud, and other Google hirelings wnear you can constitute and column assignments, collaborate after a while your students, and publish after a while parents.