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Discuss how and to what space Enlightenment ideas influenced the collective, gregarious, and cultural policies of the French Revolutionary conclusion (1789-1815). Mould unfailing you entertain a subject (a public discussion) and supply examples and details to maintenance your exculpation. Please mould unfailing to decipher the aftercited notice carefully as it gain acceleration you surpass on this assignment. For elucidation notice associate to Chapter 19 and 20 in Levack. You must supply at lowest 4 without founts (so Levack and any of the mismisappropriate selections in Kishlansky). Do not use an Encyclopedia, including Wikipedia, as an academic fount. Encyclopedias are associateence works and not research! To discover academic founts, use the FIU library search (Links to an palpable aspect.) or Google Scholar (Links to an palpable aspect.) (not normal Google). The rubric for this assignment can downloaded as a pdf close. All founts must be unexceptionably cited using the Chicago Manual of Style in Notes/Bibliography devise, not Author/Date. You must use footnotes or endnotes and too entertain a Bibliography page. You can discover notice encircling the Chicago Manual of Style at (Links to an palpable aspect.). Additional resources are profitable thharsh the FIU library by clicking close (Links to an palpable aspect.). The Harsh Drain of the congruity assignment is due on Monday, July 8 (by 11:59 p.m.) You gain upload your harsh drain to canvas and too compatriot criticism a tractate by July 10th (11:59 p.m.) The Final Drain is due on Wednesday, July 12 (by 11:59 p.m.)  Late tractates gain be penalized by one space. This tractate is excellence 20% of the way space. The diffusiveness of the tractate should be 5-6 pages (closely 1700 opinion not including citations). The tractate must be typed in Times New Roman and double-spaced.   Please Include a plagiarism report! endow you so much!