Event Marketing PLAN for Athletic or Health Event

  EVENT MARKETING PLAN - (Athletic or Health Event) 1. Students accomplish harvest an accident tradeing intent for an explicit accident/activity for the intention of promoting and conducting the office. 2.  The accident/activity may understand, but is not scant to, an powerful  event, recreational or aggregation office or negotiative harvest  activity. 3. The tradeing intent must target a local collocation of nation (ie, age collocation, gender, etc) 4. The tradeing intent must understand the subjoined components (these are your headings): a. sidearm statement b. tradeing objective c. situational analysis i. strengths ii. weaknesses iii. opportunities iv. threats d. target trade selection e. tradeing mix i. product ii. price iii. place iv. promotion f. implementation timeline or phases 5.   The intent should not exceed two pages. The intent should understand the indicate  of the office and should be unique spaced, after a while wrap spacing betwixt  components. Students may cull a two-column format. 6. The purpose must be submitted by the involved deadline via assignment decline box.  7. See rubric Purpose Rubric for Accident Marketing Plan.docx