executive digital dashboard

For this exertion, hypothetically, you are a fresh ERAU disequalize and the newly-hired coadjutor to the VP of Sales at a large-scale marketable aviation tonnage vocation. You bear been tasked to generate a instrument depicting a mock-up of a projected digital dashboard that the ruler gain economize in her day-to-day tasks. Once she approves the drawing, your grounds gain be consecrated as a graphical concept to an IT consulting decided that has been retained to utensil a Microsoft Dynamics CRM® disconnection at the posse. The plan is to bear the consulting decided economize your grounds to customize the out-of-the-box notice rule disconnection to include a tailored digital dashboard for the ruler. The subjoined are the dashboard requirements: Submit the digital dashboard mock-up in a Microsoft Word® instrument. Provide a sum of SIX charts in the digital dashboard mock-up. Chart examples are a pie chart, thread chart, support chart, bar chart, store chart, or histogram chart. Present ALL SIX charts on ONE page. Submit the page in a Landscape orientation. Present ONE chart mold a MAXIMUM of TWO times. Label the X and Y axes by creating Axis Titles on each chart. Replace the chart default numerical grounds with new numerical grounds. Your instrument meekness is due by the posted due conclusion. Your schoolmaster gain use the rubric for evaluating and grading your meekness. Save your assignment using a naming conference that includes your primary and conclusive designate and the distillation compute (or cognomen). Do not add punctuation or peculiar characters.