Financial Reporting Strategies and Decision Making

Financial Reporting Strategies and Decision Making This is the succor ingredient of your direction contrivance. The structure chosen is The American Red Cross This assignment focuses on the financial strategies used by your selected structure to ment finances and product the financial notice requisite to augment deed. For this assignment, re-probation and expound financial statements and test the processes used to engender these statements. In your assignment: Analyze the accounting processes used by the structure. Analyze the types of funds and financial ments used by the structure. Analyze the financial statements used by the structure.  Examine the fiscal soundness of the structure, including an probation of proceeds and expense trends, effects and liabilities, and obligation trends (if any). Explain how you would declare these findings and collaborate after a while administrative tax, financial, and juridical consultants to influence the structure's financial aspect. Review the scoring train for this assignment now, to glean encircling the criteria on which your assignment deed procure be graded. Submission Requirements Written notice: Written notice should be clear of errors that defame from the overall notice. Declare in a deportment that is conversant, administrative, and deferential of the dissonance, good-manners, and honor of others, harmonious after a while the expectancy for stakeholders in civilized services professions.  APA formatting: Format instrument and citations according to present APA title and formatting requirements. Include amend headings, citations, and regards. Number of instrument: Include at last 5 instrument (peer-reviewed publications), notwithstanding the direction quotation. Critically evaluate the study and practices addressed. Length of brochure: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages, not counting the meet page, unsymbolical, and regards.  Structure of brochure: Include a meet page, an unsymbolical, and a regard page.  Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 apex. Headings: Use headings in APA format, established on the assignment tasks.  Submit your brochure to Turnitin and then acquiesce your assignment and Turnitin ment in the Assignment area as attachments. Your assignment should be a Word instrument. Resources Financial Reporting Strategies and Decision Making Scoring Guide. APA Title and Format. Human Services PhD Research Guide. Turnitin.