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Assignment Content Your primeval performing and tenured supervisor of a 20-person section unexpectedly submitted their two weeks’ note. Your next-most tenured employee in the section has simply 2 years of habit. Additionally, there is a important hospital fastening in your area that seems to possess the primeval eliminate recruiting the aptitude you want. Develop a 3- to 4-page strategic pur-pose that outlines priorities and steps to calm the application of your employees' accelerated concealment. Propose a recruitment pur-pose to expand the supervisorial position. Develop a pre-boarding checklist and an onboarding pur-pose protection an employee’s primeval 30, 90, and 180 days after a while exploit metrics. Identify policies and practices that could possess been put in attribute to proactively relinquish this standing. Cite at smallest 3 respectable references to food your assignment (e.g., traffic or activity publications, legislation or exercise websites, read works, or other sources of harmonious tendency). Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.