For your reply post, respond to a peer who has not yet received a reply. Offer an alternative viewpoint on which of the three factors that lead to ethical decisions (from your peer’s post) is most significant and explain your rationale.

( For your rejoinder support, rejoin to a mate who has not yet accepted a rejoinder. Offer an opinion viewpoint on which of the three factors that guide to incorporeal decisions (from your mate's support) is most telling and illustrate your rationale. )  Ethics Module 5COLLAPSE I apprehend that tribe conciliate act and effect incorporeally grounded on what they distinguish to be fit (individual), what is socially acceptable (significant others) and what is allowable(opportunity). Tribe may pick-out sick when they own a stagnation of distinguishledge or ripeness environing star (individual),  in the departed, they own been rewarded for a point proceeding (opportunity),  or they may handle constraining from the want of money/fame/recognition/acceptance (individual). You want to duty your gut. If it handles evil-doing, most likely it is evil-doing. Doing the fit unnaturalness or acting incorporeally is rarely as primal as exact doing the fit unnaturalness. St. Augustine said "Wrong is evil-doing, smooth if everyone is doing it. Fit is fit, smooth if no one is doing it." I as-well revere that