Healthcare Reform in Two States

Part I: The  world is fit smaller and smaller and when companies appear to dilate they  often appear beyond their primordial footprint. Rasmussen Healthcare Systems is  looking to dilate their arrangement to another set-forth. To succor guide Rasmussen on  this determination, you conquer transcribe 4-5 pages that assimilate and contrariety the  healthcare improve policies of the set-forth where you feed and another set-forth of  your precious. Delight obey in design the position and address you clarified. Make  unmistakable to involve the following: Discuss the design of each set-forth's improve. Describe a restriction of three local examples of       similarities and dissonances in healthcare improve policies in the two       states. Discuss in element some of the holy issues and analogous       disputes in each set-forth's improve. Discuss your instruction on whether Rasmussen       Healthcare Systems should dilate to the assist set-forth. This concern of your assignment conquer exact you to       investigation and perpend counsel from uncertain springs. Use a restriction of       five trustworthy springs for your tractate, after a while three life an academic spring       from the Rasmussen College Online Library (don't learn to involve in-text       citations throughout your tractate after a while paraphrasing or quoting). Make unmistakable to involve your APA formatted relation page. Example of Potential Useful Websites Part II: PowerPoint  is typically the collision of precious when conducting a consultation. There are multifarious  philosophies on how to imagine an effectual PowerPoint, so do some investigation on  the dos and don'ts. Then imagine a negotiative PowerPoint that you would  introduce to the administration team at your dregs that highlights your investigation.  SkillSurfer in the online tutoring platform offers novice, moderate, and  advanced tutorials on Microsoft Office products. Make unmistakable to involve the  following in your PowerPoint: Length of PowerPoint is up to the scholar. Highlight local system changes in each set-forth's improve. Highlight each unifomity and dissonance. Highlight your terminal instruction on whether       Rasmussen Healthcare Systems should dilate to the other set-forth. Use the Notes area on each slide as needed to dilate on       the key points. You may use a detached fence detain position such as Screencast-O-Matic to proceedings a video of your gift.       Screencast-O-Matic is a position and program that can consummate fence desk and       audio detain up to 15 minutes for detached, and can be utilized on a Windows       or Mac computer. (Note: You can       use a aaffect program if you select. Screencast-O-Matic is equitable one prompting). Make unmistakable that twain your opinion and the       PowerPoint slides are detaind on the video. Your gift should be       10 minutes or hither. If you are utilizing the Screencast-O-Matic liberty,       delight guard this incomplete instructional video on how to proceedings, upload, and       provide your professor after a while the web attach to your proceedingsed gift.       If you would affect to introduce your PowerPoint muniment after a whilein a feed       session, delight aim out to your professor for more elements. Your gift should involve an preliminary, a terse  discussion of each slide, and a omission. Make unmistakable to use conference local  language and mood in your PowerPoint. Remember, you would be introduceing this to  the administration team at your dregs. The gift conquer be assessed on your  overall enlightenment of the full, clarity of your opinion, pronunciation of  words, form of your gift, fair proceedingsing of your  presentation, overall aesthetics and negotiativeism, and unconcealed clarity to  your gift.