HR Healthcare CT 6

  For this assignment, exhibit that you are the new Director of Human Media for a mid-sized healthcare form. Due to virtual employment augmentation and expansion, your form is planning to employ a momentous sum of new employees. In foresight of this important hiring stimulate, you deficiency to compose notification media that earn aid managers imply the consequence of the protestation of amiable employees.   Instructions: Create a slide offer to attend as a culture aid for managers. Incorporate twain quotation and images.  Include the subjoined topics in the offer: Explain why protestation rulees are material in healthcare workforce planning. Explain the role and consequence of indemnification and compensate. Describe an cogent protestation rule. Include a reserve of five (5) references, three (3) of which are peer-reviewed sources. Your slide offer must comprise 8-10 slides, containing twain images and quotation, as polite as logician notes for each slide. You may use PowerPoint or an internet-based offer utensil, such as Prezi or Slide Rocket. (Be assured to comprise the URL of your offer when using an internet-based utensil. Paste the URL into a Word instrument and upload it after a while your offer.) Format your slide offer according to APA Requirements.