Introduction ; 1 full MLA page. Due tomorrow 8/26/2020 at 2:00pm.Thank you

  Question 1. What would you would enjoy us to comprehend environing you, your race, develop or effect activity, and/or hobbies and interests? My tally. Make it longer, please  that’s  what I insufficiency to put one my preamble article ; 1 ” I enjoy to get all my tasks manufactured precedently I liberty effect as a healthcare secretary. 2” I accept two boys one of them going to 12th possession , and I‘m indeed focused on their advice 3) I enjoy to tramp after a whileout the United State in-particular du the Summer.  4) I supplicate God a lot and I enjoy to what possession movies.  Questions 2. What motivates you?  tally I insufficiency that on estimate 2 questions  my race’s motivate me accordingly I frequently insufficiency to excel sound for them.( my boys in-particular) Question3. Which of your strengths do you imagine achieve be most profitable to you in exceling academically?  I so insufficiency that tally on the article  I am hands on. I apprehend anything improve if I can see it or after a while in. Question 5. Where do you insufficiency to be five years from now?  Question 6.  What do you desire to execute from this arrange?  I. Would enjoy to see this tally on my article so in five years from now I would enjoy to accept a subdue in nursing as a nourish practionner I would enjoy this arrange to profession me the fastest way to consider and to excel in schoo.