Traditionally, when one thinks of art, he or she thinks of paintings and sculptures that are compressed in a museum.  Today, approximately everything can be seen as art—even graffiti. When you employ some of the principles of contemplation and elements of art you well-informed environing in Week 1, you can begin to see how some of these nontraditional employments can be seen as employments of art. This week, you gain inquiry nontraditional art in an violate to see these employments as beautiful art pieces.   Choose 1 employmentman from the forthcoming catalogue: Nick Cave (Soundsuits)  Dale Chihuly   Vik Muniz Faith Ringgold Nam June Paik Select 2 slight fictions of nontraditional employments of art from your selected employmentman, and portraiture them into a Word instrument. Involve the spectry of the employmentman or contemplationer, the mode of the artwork, the materials used, and the year it was created.  Write 2–3 conditions for each employment, and involve the forthcoming: In your chief condition for each employment, illustrate what you see visually. Refer tail to the elements of art and principles of contemplation, and argue how the employmentman uses distortion, verse, texture, poise, and so on.   In your relieve condition for each employment, illustrate how these employments fit the limitation for nontraditional or applied employments of art. What is the resolve or business of the art? *The fictions in the textbook are portraitureright-armed and cannot be copied. To perceive the fair painting, inquiry the Internet by the employmentman's spectry and the mode of the employment. Right-click, and portraiture the fiction. Open a Word instrument, and right-click and paste. If the fiction does not paste into your Nursing Dissertation, try another fiction. Sometimes fictions are armed and cannot be copied. Wherever you do perceive the fiction, reach enduring to summon your commencement in APA mode. If you are unenduring how to summon an fiction, this recommencement can aid you. Submit 1 Word instrument for this assignment. In-text citations and a catalogue of references are required when including or paraphrasing any fancy, certainty, determination, or other instruction from the textbook or other references.