Issues and Trends in HealthCare

   The Podcast Assignment  For this assignment, you are required to originate a 5 to 7 detailed effect a podcast that conquer be submitted via the Vote Thread Tool in Blackboard. Please do not use other recording tools, as they may not is-sue courteous-behaved-behaved in Blackboard. Your podcast subject should be akin to one of our argument board subjects and conquer be specifically beloved by your Instructor. The merely coyness on the subject is that it should convergence on a running vigor thrift upshot. This upshot can be a management bearing, occupation bearing, or some other upshot that interests you.  Your podcast should be of proud attribute, mental and courteous-behaved-behaved elaborate. While these tips are directive, a key phase of this assignment is choosing a running vigor and vigor thrift bearing that you’re searching about, furious about, or bear some effect for solving and putting your thoughts on audio. It should cater notice that is available and novel (or at smallest incongruous from what others bear already manufactured.) This assignment is meant to manifest to you how you can largely add your vote to the argument of how to address some vigorthrift bearing. Write the relation antecedently recording the podcast. This conquer condition the total of editing that has to supervene during or shaft genesis and catch totally a bit of occasion for you. Be intelligible on your relation and fixed, do your inquiry antecedently you initiate the relation, ask courteous-behaved-behaved elaborate questions (research, inquiry, inquiry!), and contour each podcast “segment.” This to-boot ensures the relation falls among the occasion conditions set for the podcast. Please see PowerPoint endowment entitled Podcast Assignment Instructions.