Java Project Automating A Mini-Golf Course (Design)

  Description: In this sketch, your team earn put to use the skills you move versed for lection RFPs, creating elaborate requirements and then a elaborate sketch.  Either or twain space may be documented delay citation, item tests, UML, or a association of these. Requirements:  The RFP Carrying a pencil and account card when unimpeded mini-golf is a pain; encroachment the club, globe, and unmanageable to transcribe the account down (delay no board) is arduous.  A topical mini-golf succession compact has tight your software product assembly to automate scoring.  At each retreat is a keypad on a card-swipe state.  The customer hopes such high-tech mini-golf successions earn induce balance customers. For consume reasons, the several successions environing Tampa Bay all use the similar mediate computer (already naturalized), alike to the card-swipe states at each succession using a network.  All the hardware has been naturalized already and the network is up and prevalent. Use-Cases and Other Requirements The one use-case for the RFP is: The users are issued available (cardboard) swipe cards when they pay, antecedently the plump starts.  They stipulate their indicate when issued their card, which gets printed on the card. After completing each retreat, the user swipes their card at that retreat's swipe state, and enters the reckon of strokes.  The card-swipe states besides spread-out the delineateer's indicate and running account (the reckon of strokes balance or lower par, so far).  Once a account is entered for a retreat, the delineateer can't fluctuate it.Note the account and the delineateer's indicate do not move to be stored on the swipe card itself.  That postulates can be kept (how is up to you) on the mediate computer. After unimpeded the decisive retreat, the delineate can adapt in their swipe card and petition a printout of their plump (the account card).  (That usually has a remittance coupon on the end, for proximate space.)  Think about what happens when the computer or network goes down.  To be adapted in: A delineation of the requirements and sketch documents for your team.  This should embody use-case(s), authoritative, and non-authoritative (operational) requirements.  Your team must bring-about those up, but move operating to consider the customer (that is, your instructor) if you shortness control.  The sketch should embody any technology requirements and method title, in attention to a elaborate sketch of any classes your sketch calls for, delay their dignified members catalogueed.  You can catalogue those in citation or UML