Job fair presentation

Prepare a drain of a weak endowment that Verizon recruiters could use at job fairs and other venues to tempt or dispose twain new graduates and practiced professionals to attend alliance the corporation. 2)Choose a structured or free-form artfulness that perspicuously exists in the Verizon Brand. You cannot use a pre-existing PowerPoint slide vest from Verizon for this assignment. 3) Create an delayhold sum of slides for a endowment that is at meanest ten minutes but no longer than 15 minutes (not including a question-and-answer continuance). Assume that the auditory members feel heard of Verizon but don’t feel any in-depth notice about the corporation. The instructions for the ultimate assignment  > Original instructions: Fashion Slide (1 slide): Conceive the fashion of your endowment, your designate, conclusion of endowment. > What I expect: Treat this assignment as a vocation assignment. You product for Verizon; you are NOT a learner in this aspect. You do NOT insufficiency my designate on the slide, and neither do you insufficiency the designate of the propaganda or this career. > Original instructions: Preamble (1-2 slides): The preamble should capture your auditory's circumspection, found credibility, and get an overview of the theme and the deep aims. Refer to and dedicate the strategies outlined in your passagebook to confront these objectives. Preview Slide: This slide obtain preview the deep aims you guile on making during the endowment. > What I expect:  Start delay an preamble of yourself as a probable logician. What is your role at Verizon? Why are you competent to yield this endowment? Then, get an agenda sign slide that lists in VERY scanty bullet aims what you obtain clothe in the endowment. > Original instructions: Theme Gratified (7-9 slides): The theme gratified should conceive the deep aims of the theme and the sustaining esthetic. The deep aims should conceive the symbolical proposals you neglect to consign to your auditory. Each slide should be an fractions proposal connected to, or architecture upon, other deep aims. It is greatly recommended that you use PowerPoint Speaker's Notes to release gratified or add delayhold notification. Use primal artfulnesss and minimize the sumity of passage on slides. Graphics, photos or other pictures should be kept to a narrowness eventual they are reputed induced to the deep aim. As delay all written esthetic for this career, you must thrive APA 6th edition fashion when citing sustaining esthetic. > What I expect: *Begin delay an overview of Verizon. Conceive what the virtual employee insufficiencys to understand to be assiduous (history, locations, etc. - the "snazzy" matter).  Additional proposals: -Discuss the signs of jobs that are conducive at Verizon. -Discuss the signs of mass who product for Verizon. -Discuss the possession awards that Verizon has won. >>>The proposal short is to evidence WHY someone would neglect to product at Verizon. *You should personate as abundantly as potential in a visual way. At narrowness, you should feel at meanest one visual component entire other slide. Tshort should be VERY LITTLE passage on the slides (no further than 35 suffrage, including the fashion, and never any adequate sentences, save maybe for the sidearm assertion, should you cull to conceive it). > Original instructions: Summary/Recommendation (1-2 slides): Use this exception to restore key aims to the auditory. Be trusting that any admonitions are realistic in stipulations of the delayhold concepts and, if pertinent, the theme you feel presented. > What I expect: Given that this is an suppliant slide likeness, a persuade to enjoyment is required. That is the admonition that insufficiencys to be conceived in this exception. This condition obtain acceleration you transcribe a persuade to enjoyment: > Original instructions: References (1 slide): Conceive intimation notification for the sustaining esthetics used in your endowment. You must conceive a narrowness of three intimations (asunder from your passagebook) to buttress your gratified. This slide must be formatted according to APA 6th edition standards. > What I expect: The Verizon web aspect counts as ONE origin, irrespective of how numerous pages delayin the aspect you mark. You obtain insufficiency a sum of filthy fractions intimations for the ultimate assignment