Journal each question minimum 250 words four questions total 1000 words

   #4 Recall and cogitate on a hazmat limpid that has occurred in your stock. Describe that limpid and component the tools or media that you would use as a primeval responder to evaluate the chemicals that were implicated in the limpid. #5 Review Appendix A of OSHA’s Process Protection Management (PSM) Standard 29 CFR 1910.119 and enumerate if your workattribute has any chemicals that excel the Threshold Quantity (TQ) verified in this consultation. Cogitate on how your workattribute uses aspects of the PSM to secure a unendangered workplace? Do you deem that the measures at your workattribute complete unendangeredty or just protect the readiness in obedience? #6 Do you subsist in an area where hydraulic fracturing takes attribute? What is your aspect on the soundness hazards associated delay this technology? Do you tally that floating regulations are protective to the environment (groundwater) and civilized soundness? Why, or why not?   #7 Polymers were discussed in this ace. Cogitate on the dangers associated delay polymeric fires and how these fires can cremate. How succeed you be past cowardly of the dangers of polymers in your workplace? What GHS pictograms would you look-for as a prearrangement connected to these dangers? Your life entrance must be at meanest 250 utterance for each doubt. Minimum  of 1000 utterance