Literary Essay

Write an essay encircling The Namesake. Enlarge a discourse that answers the followingcited question: PLEASE DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESEARCH FOR THIS PAPER. I WANT YOUR IDEAS SUPPORTED WITH QUOTES FROM THE NOVEL. Please behold at one of the deep figures in the innovating through the chief lens (Ethnicity/Race/Culture) from the handout “Lenses for Reading Literature” Following a while this lens in intellect, educe a discourse that addresses the followingcited: How does this figure pains? This is a starting sharp-end. You want to enlarge a unfair, topic discourse proposition and food your sharp-ends following a while the quotation. For pattern I authority use the followingcited as my discourse: In the innovating The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, Gogol’s pains for cultural individuality is plum in his wild relationships following a while Maxine and Moushumi.   TIPS:  - Have a unfair working discourse anteriorly you initiate agreement and husband pre-agreement techniques. - Write as if the reader of your tract already knows the contrive of the legend/stories you are agreement encircling. Avoid contrive summaries and nucleus on your ideas/analysis. - Underline the designation of the innovating. - Use quotations/passages from the innovating to substantiate your sharp-ends. Be positive and schedule the page compute in parendiscourse following your cite. If you are quoting quotation that is more than three lines, use MLA stop title. - Use confer-upon close when describing legend events.