Lymphatic System Disorders and Peripheral Vascular Disorders

 Text Book is : Gould's Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 6th Edition Consider the embodied that was giveed this week and for this discussion, bring-in Peripheral Vascular or Lymphatic Disorder/Disease to your equals. Find a learning contemplationation kindred to theme-matters base in Chapters 10 or 11. Title your discussion delay the chapter calcudelayed and the theme-matter. Once you feel bring-ind your theme-matter, fascinate use the forthcoming ten questions to sapidity your learning contemplationation. The ten questions demand to be incorporated into the discussion and giveed in APA format forthcoming the leading of your contemplationation. The conclusive passage should be a omission tying all the full concomitantly. This discussion column gain be longer than most discussion columns, so fascinate mould firm that you are echoing all the questions and providing the advice that is required. Fascinate critique the rubric as well-mannered. Article Sapidity Criteria: Author, Year, Title, Journal Purpose of the contemplationation: learning, hypothetical, program implementation From what drilling was the lection critique drawn? What were the gaps, issues, views identified from the constitution of the lection? What contemplation and methods were used for the view of the contrivance? Were the specimen, magnitude, and enhancement (or rare of contemplationations) diffuse for the contrivance? What were the findings and omissions? What are the implications for forthcoming learning? How could the advice in this contemplationation be applied to tardy nursing exercise? Would you advise this contemplationation to others as an illustration to add to the reason of this advice? Rubric   Discussion Question Rubric Note: Conversant materials are defined as proof-based exercise, equal-reviewed journals; textbook (do not lean barely on your textbook as a allusion); and National Standard Guidelines. Critique assignment commands, as this gain stipudelayed any subjoined requirements that are not specifically listed on the rubric. Discussion Question Rubric – 100 PointsCriteriaExemplary Exceeds ExpectationsAdvanced Meets ExpectationsIntermediate Needs ImprovementNovice InadequateTotal PointsQuality of Moderate PostProvides unclouded illustrations cheered by progress full and allusions. Cites three or over allusions, using at last one new conversant material that was not stipulated in the progress embodieds. All command requirements famed. 40 pointsComponents are servile and collectively represented, delay explanations and collision of familiarity to enclose proof-based exercise, ethics, supposition, and/or role. Synthesizes progress full using progress embodieds and conversant materials to livelihood importantpoints. Meets all requirements delayin the discussion commands. Cites two allusions. 35 pointsComponents are servile and in-great-measure represented largely delay definitions and summarization. Ideas may be overstated, delay minimal aid to the theme substance. Minimal collision to proof-based exercise, supposition, or role crop. Constitution of progress full is give but dropping profoundness and/or crop. Is dropping one component/requirement of the discussion commands. Cites one allusion, or allusions do not uncloudedly livelihood full. Most command requirements are famed. 31 pointsAbsent collision to proof-based exercise, supposition, or role crop. Constitution of progress full is slight. Demonstrates defective reason of full and/or indiffuse provision. No allusions cited. Missing disjoined command requirements. Submits column delayed. 27 points40Peer Response PostOffers twain livelihoodive and opinion viewpoints to the discussion, using two or over conversant allusions per equal column. Column stipulates subjoined rate to the dialogue. All command requirements famed. 40 pointsEvidence of elevate constitution of progress full. Provides precipitation and new advice or recognition kindred to the full of the equal’s column. Response is cheered by progress full and a partiality of one conversant allusion per each equal column. All command requirements famed. 35 pointsLacks precipitation or new advice. Conversant allusion livelihoods the full in the equal column delayout adding new advice or recognition. Missing allusion from one equal column. Partially flourished commands in-reference-to calcudelayed of response columns. Most command requirements are famed. 31 pointsPost is largely a summation of equal’s column delayout elevate constitution of progress full. Demonstrates defective reason of full and/or indiffuse provision. Did not flourish commands in-reference-to calcudelayed of response columns. Missing allusion from equal columns. Missing disjoined command requirements. Submits column delayed. 27 points40Frequency of DistributionInitial column and equal column(s) made on multiple disjoined days. All command requirements famed. 10 pointsInitial column and equal column(s) made on multiple disjoined days. 8 pointsMinimum of two column options (moderate and/or equal) made on disjoined days. 7 pointsAll columns made on identical day. Submission demonstrates indiffuse provision. No column submitted. 6 points10OrganizationWell-organized full delay a unclouded and intricate view proposition and full discussion. Agreement is compendious delay a argumentative stream of ideas 5 pointsOrganized full delay an informative view proposition, livelihoodive full, and compendium proposition. Discussion full is familiar delay minimal issues in full stream. 4 pointsPoor constitution and stream of ideas discompose from full. Narrative is obscure to flourish and frequently causes reader to reread employment. Purpose proposition is famed. 3 pointsIlargumentative stream of ideas. Prose rambles. View proposition is ununclouded or dropping. Demonstrates defective reason of full and/or indiffuse provision. No view proposition. Submits assignment delayed. 2 points5APA, Grammar, and SpellingCorrect APA formatting delay no errors. The writer suitably identifies lection hearers, as demonstrated by embezzle dialect (avoids lingo and simplifies intricate concepts embezzlely). Writing is compendious, in locomotive signification, and avoids unhandy transitions and overuse of conjunctions. There are no spelling, punctuation, or account-action errors. 5 pointsCorrect and congruous APA formatting of allusions and cites all allusions used. No over than two matchless APA errors. The writer demonstrates emend action of ceremonious English dialect in decision view. Variation in decision constitution and account action promotes readability. There are minimal to no style, punctuation, or account-action errors. 4 pointsThree to disgusting matchless APA formatting errors. The writer casually uses unhandy decision view or overuses/injustly uses intricate decision constitution. Problems delay account action (proof of inemend use of thesaurus) and punctuation stick, frequently causing some obscureies delay style. Some accounts, radical phrases, and conjunctions are overused. Multiple style, punctuation, or account action errors. 3 pointsFive or over matchless formatting errors or no seek to format in APA. The writer demonstrates scant reason of ceremonious written dialect use; agreement is colloquial (conforms to unwritten dialect). The writer struggles delay scant glossary and has obscurey conveying significance such that merely the broadest, most public messages are giveed. Grammar and punctuation are congruously inexact. Spelling errors are inspissated. Submits assignment delayed. 2 points5Total Points100