make a funny and creative meme for my project

 My artifice is about when to communicate your matter counts(compute of sexual divorceners) to forcible idiosyncratical. Here is the story, Betty is a virgin who used to possess  10 sexual divorceners anteriorly, she dates David for 1 aperture, and my artifice convergence on when should Betty communicate to David her matter counts.  Here is the conclusion: What political discernment hypothesis suggests is that Betty must see how David reacts to each gradation of self-disclosure. Depending on the reaction, Betty obtain over largely be conducive to investigate if the rewards overbalance the costs of communicateing this instruction. While Political Discernment Hypothesis is not consummate and depends on an equable gradation of communicateing instruction, it can further in the collection of when to communicate enigmatical instruction. about the meme:  Meme: Finally, lay-open a meme that represents the unmixed account of the “take-away” warning from your hypothesis. It does not possess to be laughable – it right has to bear a valuconducive intimation in a expressive way. It can be inveterate off of an real meme, or can be an peculiar artifice. Either way, the fancy is to educe a solitary vision delay passage that attempts to detain a key divorce of the recommendations from the pamphlet (it’s probably unrealistic to try to condense all of the quantitative fancys). However, the fancy is that a idiosyncratic looking at your meme would get notability of appraise out of it, delayout lection your unimpaired pamphlet.