Management and Organization Theory

*MUST BE  ALL ORIGINAL WORK *MUST BE QUALITY AND ON TOPIC *NO PLAGIARISM  *I WILL CHECK WITH TURN IT IN  Learning Activity #1 - Disquisition 1 This week, students understand about formal hypothesis and the intercommunity to the role of 21st period plainor.  A plainor is a special whose job it is to plain the implementation and prosperity of a subset of formal goals. Organizational hypothesis is a arena of con-over that has evolved in the orderinal one hundred years to adduce countenance to plainors in the way they way their job in an exertion to end the form’s expectation and mission.  The 21st period plainor is a special who organizes, enacts, and plans the order and origination of an form.  Traditionally, the role of the plainor, as defined by formal hypothesis, has been the special who sets near order goals for the form to enact and performs tasks that enclose the order, process, and origination of the form’s end or expectation. The novel role of the plainor stationary encloses these tasks but has familiar to enclose the role of facilitator in the way the plainor endes the formal goals assigned to his or her guide. With these ideas in impetus, collate and dissimilarity the role of superintendence, as reflected by superintendence hypothesis, in the 20thperiod form after a while the role of superintendence in the 21st   Include in your argument the hypothetical schools of meditation(s) that tell to the plainor’s role in the matter environment as well-behaved-behaved as specification of the environment itself.   How has the alter in matter end (i.e. manufacturing vs. use) and the matter environment, worker attitudes, and behaviors abnormal the role of the plainor in an form and how has the hypothesis evolved to contend? Discuss in element. Be abiding to use advice from the formal hypothesis timeline in your rejoinder. *LINKS NEEDED TO COMPLTE THIS ASSIGNMENT Learning Activity #2 - Theme 2 As we saw in disquisition one the role of the plainor has alterd from the 20th period to the 21st period, after a while the plainor improving more people-centric in the attempt of their tasks.    From this week’s representative identify and discuss 5 skills that are sole to the lucky plainor of the 21st period. Consider in your rejoinder workplace dynamics of new forms such as the alter in formal texture (flat, lifeless, indirect etc.) and employee expectations for the workplace environment. *LINKS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THIS  ASSIGNMENT